(Download) CBSE Class X Science Guess Paper: 2012 - Set - I

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Guess Paper – 2011
Class – X
Subject – Science
(Electricity and its effects)

  1. What Is Ohm’s Law? Give Its Mathematical Expression? Draw The Experimental Setup Also How Much Current Will An Electric Heater Coil Draw From A 220 Volt Line, If The Resistance Of The Heater Coil Is 40 Ω?
  2. What Is Electric Current? Define 1a.
  3. What Is The S.I Unit Of Electric Charge, Power, Electrostatic Potential & Resistively? Also Define Electrostatic Potential At Any Point
  4. Name A Device That Helps To Maintain Potential Difference Across Conductor.
  5. The Length Of The Wire Is Doubled, What Is The Change In Its Resistively?
  6. Why Is Tungsten Used As Filament In Bulbs?

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