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(E-Book) CBSE : Exam Stress - Table of Contents

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Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE : Exam Stress

Table of Contents


Understanding Stress

Some Tell tale signs of Stress building up

Preventing & Managing Examination Stress

A. Healthy Lifestyle & Living

  • Nutrition and eating healthy
  • Exercise and rejuvenation
  • Sleep and rest

B. Study Smart

  • Study Tips
  • Time Management
  • Reading a text
  • Note Making
  • Memorization Mantras
  • Studying For Languages
  • Studying For Math & Science
  • Help is generally around the corner

C. Plan to Perform : Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step

  • Few week before the examinations
  • Few days before the examinations (Do's & Don'ts)
  • General tips one day before the examinations
  • On the day of the examination (Do's & Don'ts)
  • In the examination hall
  • Writing better answers in the examination - give your best shot
  • Near the end of the examination

Mantras for your mind, body & soul

FAQs by Parents

  • Dos & Don'ts for Parents
  • Parents .. Help your child to enable stress management

FAQs by Student

  • Help from the counselor ... always there !
  • Key thoughts to ponder

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII