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(Download) Free NCERT e-Book "Education for Values in School-A Framework"

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Download Free NCERT e-Book "Education for Values in School-A Framework"




I. Concepts and Concerns

  • Introduction
  • Why Education for Values
  • Values and the Contemporary Realities
  • What Value Education Aims at
  • Renewing the Purpose of Schooling
  • What are Values
  • How Values are Acquired
  • Value Concerns at School Stage

II. Approaches and Strategies

  • The Whole School Approach
  • Pedagogy of Values
  • Some General Strategies
  • The Stage Specific Focus

III. Mapping Value Contexts in Schools

  • Leadership
  • School Ethos, Policies and Practices
  • School Activities and Programmes
  • Relationship and Modelling
  • Teacher and Classroom Practices
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Teaching of Subjects
  • Evaluation System
  • Home-School-Community Partnership

Teacher Development and Staff OrientationIV. Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation

  • The Five Cs
  • Preparing and Implementing the School Plan
  • The Process of Planning
  • The Implementation and Evaluation Process
  • Evaluation of the Action Taken
  • Assesment of the Change Process
  • Overall Appraisal at the School level




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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII