(Event) Recommendations of the 16th National CBSE Sahodaya Conference

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Recommendations of the 16th National CBSE Sahodaya Conference

Hosted – Gurgaon Sahodaya School Cluster
09 to 11 December 2009

  1. The Examination Reforms by the CBSE are the need of the hour. The implementation needs effective partnership between Schools and the Board, and Sahodayas can play a lead role.
  2. The intervention of CCE and curricular delivery in turn will lead to greater flexibility, inclusion and innovation across disciplines thus leading to integration.
  3. CCE needs to be reinforced and strengthened in its implementation in terms of material support, transaction, teacher empowerment and assessment strategies.
  4. Teacher capacity needs to be built into pedagogy and transaction strategies as well as framing good test items and setting question papers. Gradually the Board can withdraw from Summative Assessment.
  5. The Monitoring and Mentoring model (M & M) needs to be developed to ensure sustainability of CCE. This can be leveraged through Sahodaya School Clusters, through Regional Hubs and Training Units of CBSE Teacher Training Centers as recommended by the 15th Sahodaya Annual Conference held at Bhopal in 2008.
  6. CCE needs to be institutionalized and the CCE Logo, CCE Slogan and CCE Song be made a part of every publication of the Board.
  7. PPP (Public Private Partnerships) in CCE in the context of material, advocacy, intensive training and assessment need to be explored in multiple ways through multiple modes.
  8. Academic Audit system to be strengthened as part of the Accreditation process and also the pre-affiliation and affiliation procedures.
  9. Criteria for accreditation should include quality mechanisms to ensure delivery of soft skills.
  10. CCE to be taken further to classes XI and XII in a gradual fashion after it has evolved incorporating the feedback and modifications on the way.
  11. Sahodayas through SSCs may initiate collaborative efforts to sensitise the parents and enable them to appreciate the significance of the new scheme, share and exchange their strategies and success stories.
  12. The CBSE and Sahodayas may immediately initiate the process of developing support materials in Formative Assessment in different subject for classes IX and X separately and make it available to all affiliated schools at the earliest possible.
  13. Sharing of best practices in the areas of formative assessment and other aspects of CCE need to be taken up by Sahodayas.
  14. ICT enabled ways of learning and assessment need to be embedded in CCE both in the processes of learning as well as assessment and record keeping.

Resolution of the 16th National CBSE Sahodaya Conference
Hosted – Gurgaon Sahodaya School Cluster

The Examination Reforms by the CBSE are timely and apt. For successful implementation, the introduction of the CCE Scheme by CBSE needs to be strengthened, institutionalized and carried forward into the implementation stage by ensuring sustainable teacher empowerment and capacity building in designing tasks for learning, framing good test items and developing appropriate strategies for documentation and assessment of co-scholastic domains. Schools need to look beyond boundaries and teachers go beyond textbooks to create a learning environment conducive to real education. Sahodaya need to go beyond their own clusters and mentor other schools in a participative and collaborative mode.

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