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(Games) 25 Interesting Games based on Education

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25 Interesting Games based on Education

Some games are played for fun only but some educational games are very helpful to improve the mental skills. Here is the list of 25 educational games to improve the skills. Check the the list of games below.

  1. Kids Spell
  2. Spin and Spell
  4. Spelling City
  5. Catch the Spelling
  6. Read, Write, Think
  7. Just Crosswords
  8. Variety Games
  9. Armored Penguin
  10. Ed Helper
  11. Quiz-Tree
  13. Fit Brains
  14. Math Cats
  15. Handipoints
  16. Novel Games
  17. ABCya
  18. Starfall
  19. Sheppard Software
  20. Decimal Squares
  21. CSI web adventures.
  22. Shedd Aquarium
  23. Pest World for Kids
  24. MSNBC
  25. Kids Past

NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII