CBSE Guess Paper 2011 | Class- X Social Science

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CBSE Guess Paper: 2011
Class- X
(Social Science)

SET - 1

Maximum Marks: 80
General Instructions :
Q 1 – Q 16 ( 1 mark each )
Q 17– Q31 (3 marks each)
Q32 – Q36 ( 4 marks each )


Q.1. Who wrote ‘Sultana's dream’ a novel in Eighteenth century? ( 1 mark )
(a) Bijlis Kuji
(b) Rokeya Hussain
(c) Rokeya Begum
(d) Sabri Mala

Q.2. Who of the following is considered as the pioneer of modern Hindi literature? ( 1 mark )
(a) Prem Chand.
(b) Jatin Das.
(c) Bhartendu Harischandra.
(d) Dwarka Das.

Q.3. The first under ground railway was built in
(a) New York
(b) Calcutta
(c) London
(d) Dubai

Q.4. Who produced the movie Raja Harishchandra
a) Dada sahib Phalke
(b) Raj Kapoor
(c) B.R. Chopra
(d) Yash Chopra

Q.5. Chipko movement was associated with
a) Women’s right
(b) Rights of adivasis
(c) Forest conservation
(d) Political rights

Q.6. Classify resources on the basis of origin
a) Biotic and abiotic
(b) Renewable and non renewable
(c) Individual and community
(d) Potential and stock

Q.7. Give the reasons for land degradation in Punjab & Haryana.
a) Mining
(b) Wind
(c) over irrigation
(d) deforestation

Q.8. Name the staple food crop of majority of the people in India.
a) Maize
(b) Wheat
(c) Rice
(d) Jowar

Q.9. Who is the head of municipal corporation
a) Sarpanch
(b) MP
(c) Municipal chairperson
(d) mayor

Q.10. A society that values man more and gives them power over woman
a) Feminist society
(b) Socialist
(c) Patriarchal society
(d) Communist society

Q.11. Two major ethnic groups of Srilanka are
a) The French and Dutch
(b) The sinahalese and Tamils
(c) The French and Tamils
(d) The French and Sinhalese

Q.12. The power shared by two or more political parties
a) Fedral govt.
(b) Coalition govt.
(c) Community govt.
(d) Multiple govt.

Q.13 Karla has a low infant mortality rate because
a) It has per capita income
(b) It has adequate provisions of basic health and educational facilities
(c) It has pollution free environment
d) It is near the sea coast

Q.14. Which of the following is the most important component for comparing different countries
a) Population
(b) Income
(c) Per capita income
(d) resources

Q.15. …………. Goods are used up in producing final goods and services
a) Intermediate
(b) Valuable
(c) Rotten
(d) raw

Q.16 The sum of production in the three sectors i.e. primary secondary and tertiary gives us
a) GDP
(b) Per capita income
(c) NDP
(d) National Income


Q.17. Explain the rise of London as a modern city.


Why did well off Londoners support the need to built houses for the poor in the 19th century.

Q.18. Explain any three features of early Bengali novels.

Q.19. Who was Vaikkom Muhammad basher mention some features of his writings.

(Q.20. Give examples of novels that contributed to the growth of colonialism.

Q.21)Give the human activities responsible for land degradation. Give measures to solve this problem.

(Q.22)Enlist and describe various institutional reform prog. Introduced by the govt. in the interest of farmers.

Q.23. What are the steps taken by the govt. to conserve forests and wildlife..also describe how communities have conserved and protected forests and wildlife.

Q.24. How is increasing population and industrialization is contributing to water scarcity.

Q.25. Combination of politics and social division are very dangerous and explosive.

Q.26. Discuss three factors that determine the outcomes of politics of social divisions.

Q.27. What forms can caste take in politics.

Q.28. mention any three provisions of 1956 Act in Sri Lanka to establish Sinhala Supremacy.

Q.29. How can we create employment in semi rural areas.

Q.30.Why do we use averages? Give its two limitations.

Q.31. Define the following
I. Infant mortality rate
II. Net attendance ratio
III. Literacy rate


Q.32 What is decentralization. What is the need for it. Or Four features of Fedralism.

Q.33. What was the tradition of London season. Explain the different forms of entertainment that came up in 19th century England to provide leisure activities for the people.

Q.34 Why is tertiary sector rising in importance in India.

Q.35 What do you know about the contribution of Devki Nandan Khatri in hindi novels.

Q.36  Locate the following on the map of India
(a) Sariska wild life sanctuary.
(b) Largest rubber producing state.
(c) Salal dam


CBSE Guess Paper: 2011
Class- X
(Social Science)

SET - 2

Maximum Marks : 80
General Instruction :
 Q 1 – Q 17 contains 1 mark each
Q 18 – Q30 contains 3 marks each
Q31 – Q36 contains 4 marks each

Part - I

Q.1. Andrew Mearns wrote the book
(a) The Bitter Cry of London
(b) The Bitter London
(c) The Bitter Cry of Outcast London
(d) The Bitter Cry of Poor Outcast London


The Great Depression Struck London on
a) 1927
(b) 1929
(c) 1928
(d) 1900

Q.2. The Garden City Was developed by
(a) Ebenzer Howard
(b) Peter Norman
(c) Haussman
(d) Barry Parker


Chutney Music was popular in
(a) Trinidad
(b) Africa
(c) Jamaican Island
(d) Gold Coast

Q.3. Which Of the following trees yield Taxol
(a) Arjun
(b) Jamun
(c) Himalayan Yew
(d) Sarpagandha

Q.4. In Punjab the main cause of land degradation is
(a) Deforestation
(b) Mining
(c) Over Irrigation
(d) Over grazing

Q.5. Which of the following countries have holding together federation
(a) USA
(b) India
(c) Switzerland
(d) Australia

Q.6. Which of the African American athletes were pulished in the Olympics for raising their voice against racial discrimination
(a) Tommie Smith and Peter Norman
(b) Peter Norman and John Smith
(c) Andrew Mearns and Tommie Smith
(d) Tommie Smith and John Carlos

Q.7. Democracy is a better form of Govt because it is
(a) Accountable
(b) Responsive
(c) Legitimate
(d) All of the above

Q.8. Which of the following is not any form of power sharing
(a) Horizontal division of power
(b) Vertical division of Power
(c) Division of power among various social groups
(d) Division of power among people

Q.9. Which of the following is not a part of the three tier system of the Panchayati Raj
(a) Municipality
(b) Panchayat
(c) Janapad Panchayat
(d) Zilla Parishad

Q.10. Which of the following is not an example of the primary sector of economy
(a) mining
(b) shopkeeping
(c) fishing
(d) agriculture

Q.11. What has the NREGA 2005 assured
(a) It guaranteed 100 days of work or employment in a year
(b) It guaranteed free education in a year
(c) It guaranteed free medical facilities in a year
(d) It guaranteed house for poor in a year

Q.12. The Non Cooperation Movement was adopted at which Session ?
(a) The Calcutta Session of Congress
(b) The Bombay Session of Congress
(c) The Nagpur Session of Congress
(d) The Lahore Session of Congress

Q.13. Which two leaders formed the Swaraj Party
(a) CR Das and Motilal Nehru
(b) CR Das and Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Dr Radhakrishnan and Dr Ambedkar
(d) Dr Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi

Q.14. Which of the following is not a mark of standardization
(a) ISI
(b) Agmark
(c) FPO
(d) FAO

Q.15. Which of the following is not caused due to deforestation
(a) Earthquake
(b) Flood
(c) Draught
(d) Landslide

Q.16. Which of the following is a manmade disaster
(a) Landslide
(b) Forest fire
(c) Earth quake
(d) Nuclear Bombing

Part II

Q.17. What is Corn Law? What was it abolished?


Write a note on the leisure of various section of people in London

Q.18. Why did Mahatma Gandhi start the Dandi March? Why did Mahatma Gandhi decide to withdraw the Non Cooperation Movement ?

Q.19. What happened at the Jallianwala Bagh ? Why was the Simon Commission boycotted ?

Q.20. Where did the first underground railway operate in London ? What were its disadvantages ?


How did the First World War affect Britain

Q.21. State three disadvantages of roadways .

Q.22. State any three factors behind the depletion of the forest resources .

Q.23. Differentiate between renewable and non renewable resources

Q.24. Define Sustainable Development . What do you understand by waste land

Q.25. What are the various form of power sharing . Explain them with example.

Q.26. State the disadvantages of democracy.

Q.27. Explain crosscutting and overlapping social differences with example of Ireland and Netherlands.

Q.28. Differentiate between organized and unorganized sector with example.

Q.29. State why Kerala has low infant mortality rate ? Why is the per capita income calculated in dollars ?

Q.30. Write a note on the structure and function of COPRA.

Q.31. Which factors cause landslide.

Q.32. State three effects of cyclone.

Q.33. Explain what is meant by the Haussmanization of Paris. To what extent would you support or oppose this development ?


‘London grew as a crime flourished city.’ Discuss the statement.

Q.34. State the few ways of water harvesting in different parts of India


Define pipeline transport . State the areas in which pipeline transport is in use .

Q.35. List the differences between the unitary and federal form of government.

Q.36. Label the following in the map of India
(a) Sardar Sarovar Dam
(b) R. Godavari
(c) Regions having Black Soil
(d) Paradip port.

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