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(CBSE) Helpline For CBSE Students

What took CBSE so long to decide and inform students that they are going to allot 20 per cent marks for application-based questions? I was not aware of this and now it is too late to consult my teachers.
: Aditya Gupta, Class 12, DPS, Vasant Kunj

We’re surprised to know that you are not aware of the changes made in the examination pattern for this year’s board exam. Necessary notification was sent to schools by the board through circulars, as early as June 2007, stating that changes have been effected in the design and typology of questions in different subjects. There would also be a proportion of questions on higher order thinking skills. These circulars are available on the CBSE website (www.cbse.nic.in) for your reference (circular nos. 28, 32, 33, 39, 40 and 42). The sample papers published by the board have been prepared on these lines and they also carry information about the typology of questions. In any case, in an examination the question paper is bound to have some questions that require students to analyse, apply and interpret the concepts learnt. This means students have to read the subject in depth, mere rote learning or memorising will not suffice. In fact, you would have solved application-based questions without knowing it as these have featured in previous question papers also. Hence, do not be apprehensive. Go ahead and prepare thoroughly for the examination.


In a six-marker question in which there are many possible answers, how do we decide what to put down?
:Neeraj Bagdi, Class 12, Maan Public School

Read the question and the sub-question thoroughly. If the answer includes many points, write the most relevant and important points first and then write the other relevant points.


Why isn’t there a NCERT book for computer science? Currently we are using a book by Sumita Arora. How should we prepare for this exam? :Jaivir Singh, Class 12, Bluebells School International

Refer to the Computer Science Syllabus prescribed by the board available in the Curriculum Document 2008 and also on the CBSE website. You may refer to any book that covers all the relevant topics as prescribed in the syllabus.


Can you suggest any ways in which I can improve my ability to remember? I quickly forget what I learn in business studies, in particular.
:Nipun Pushkarna, Class 12, Manavsthali School

Forgetting is a part of the learning process. Hence, do not feel dejected. Learn, relearn, and again learn. Try to note down the important points. Also, try to relate concepts to life around you which may help you to remember better. Writing the answers provides clarity to your expression.


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