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Notification : CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2021

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Notification : CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2021

Dear Principal 

CBSE Heritage India Quiz is conducted every year to raise the awareness about the  preserving human heritage, diversity and vulnerability of India's built monuments and  heritage sites. It is an attempt of the Board to motivate the future generations of this  country towards efforts required to protect and conserve our vast cultural heritage.  

In order to reach out to maximum students across the country, the Board will host the  Heritage India Quiz 2020-21 on DIKSHA platform. 

This Quiz shall be available on DIKSHA platform from 20th January 2021 to 10th February  2021. All Students from class 1 to 12 (irrespective of the Board) are eligible to participate in this Quiz. 

To access the Quiz, a student needs to join the “Heritage India Quiz 2020-21” course on  DIKSHA Platform through the link given below. Through the link students can engage with  interesting videos on our Heritage.  

Steps for students to participate in Quiz: 

1) The students can access the course via DIKSHA portal on computer or via DIKSHA app  on Android mobile. iPhone users can access the quiz on any mobile browser. The students  must have the latest version of the DIKSHA App available at Playstore to access the quiz.  Further, the DIKSHA App should be updated to the latest version available at Playstore.

2) Click these links to access the course: (for English); (for Hindi). This will open the login page. 

3) Enter the registered email address and password to login. If you do not have an account  on DIKSHA then you can register for the same by clicking on the “Register here” button on  the page. You can also sign in with an existing Google account by clicking on “Sign in with  Google” button. 

4) On reaching the “Heritage India Quiz 2020-21” course home page, please click on “Join Course” to register. 

5) Once you have joined the course, you will be able to access different modules of this  course. You can either click on “Start Learning” or on any one of the modules to access the  content: 

(i) The first module provides Introduction to the Heritage India Quiz course.

(ii) The second module provides interesting video content on the heritage of India.

(iii) The third module is the Heritage India Quiz 2021.

Please note that no merit list shall be displayed and no separate certificates will be  issued to the participants. Participation certificates will be issued online after fourteen  days on the DIKSHA platform itself upon 100% completion of the course. Please ensure  that students have their correct names in the DIKSHA profile. Students should  have the latest version of DIKSHA App, or access to the DIKSHA website to receive  certificates.  

Detailed instructions on accessing the course on computer and participating in the Quiz  is given in Annexure - 1. 

Detailed instructions on accessing the course on DIKSHA mobile app and participating in  the Quiz is given in Annexure - 2. 

Instructions to access participation certificates are given in Annexure - 3. 


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII