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National Kala Utsav - 2015

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National Kala Utsav - 2015

About Kala Utsav

Kala Utsav is an initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to promote arts in education by nurturing and showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the
secondary stage in the country.

As an effort to mainstream students with special needs (differently-abled and from diverse socio-economic backgrounds) and celebrating their abilities, Kala Utsav is envisaged as a fully integrated platform. It would provide an opportunity and favourable environment to nurture and showcase their talents and help in making learning more concrete, creative and joyful.

Kala Utsav will be a pioneering celebration of art forms in the school system and shall continue as an ongoing programme. The district/ state/national-level utsav is structured as an art festival which will include performances and display of exhibits along with their online art projects (e-project). The design of Kala Utsav will help students explore, understand and
showcase living art traditions. Through Kala Utsav, students will get the opportunity to understand and celebrate cultural diversity at school, district, state and national levels. The Kala
Utsav will not only spread awareness among students, but also create awareness of India’s cultural heritage and its vibrant diversity amongst other stakeholders. Further, this will help to
promote the networking of artists, artisans and institutions with schools.

Kala Utsav—the Legacy

Kala Utsav will enhance the life-skills of the participants and prepare them as carriers of culture. Children are the seeds of the future and therefore our schools will become the laboratory of tomorrow’s India. Kala Utsav will help in identifying and understanding our diverse tangible and intangible cultural expressions. Kala Utsav is not a onetime activity but the beginning of a complete process of identifying exploring, understanding, practising, evolving and showcasing the artistic experience.

Once part of the process, the participants will not just perform pieces from their living traditions only, rather they will live that cultural experience while documenting 'online art project' as part of their Kala Utsav entry.

The online art project (e-project) involves research on the selected topic and documentation of its different aspects. These e-projects will emerge as an empirical data-base on  cultural mapping of the country. The database can further help us create a repository of artistic and cultural resources and the legacy continues.

The participation in the e-projects for Kala Utsav would involve exploration of multiple resources for researching and documenting. This in turn would promote team work and
collaboration rather than relying on individual means or resources.

Theme: Living Traditions of Art (Tribal, Folk and Traditional Art Forms)
The theme of Kala Utsav includes living traditions of tribal, folk and traditional arts of different regions…

General Guidelines for Kala Utsav


Teams of students from classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of any Government and Government-aided school.

Levels of Kala Utsav

States/UTs shall select the best teams for participating at the National Level. The following is suggestive:

  • District – This is the first level of Kala Utsav, where all schools can send their entries. (If appropriate and convenient, The State may opt to have Kala Utsav at block or tehsil level.)

  • State/UT – Selected teams from districts level will participate at this level.

  • National – This is the final and culminating level of Kala Utsav where best of the State/ UT entries will showcase their talent.


The minimum and maximum number of students recommended in different teams for National Level are:

  • Visual Arts: 4- 6 students

  • Music: 6-10 students

  • Dance: 8-10 students

  • Theatre: 8-12 students

Contact Us


Department of Education in Art and Aesthetics NCERT, G.B. Pant Block, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

Web site:

Contact numbers:

011- 26511538 (Office, DEAA, NCERT)

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII