(News) CBSE Gets Tough On Internal Checking

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CBSE Gets Tough On Internal Checking


If you've been banking on your internal assessment marks to sail through the CBSE board exams, you might want to think again. The CBSE in a recent circular has threatened to crack down on marks allotted as part of internal assessment by schools. The move, says the CBSE, is a bid to contain the high marks that are routinely given by schools to students to help pass the exams.

Incidentally, the amount of marks awarded as internal assessment is a substantial 20 marks in the science paper and a healthy 10 marks in social studies. In maths, besides the 5 marks allotted for project work and 10 marks for activity work, 5 marks are further given by the school as part of continuous assessment.

The circular, which was sent out towards the end of January, notes that the "inflated marks awarded in internal assessment in these subjects (science, maths and social studies) indicate that the guidelines (by the CBSE) have not been followed by many schools in the right earnest." The circular further says that in the past, there has been a huge discrepancy between the marks obtained by students in internal assessments and in the theory or external practical exams. If the same is found in this year's exam as well, the board may "resort to downscaling of inflated marks awarded as internal assessment".

Speaking to TOI, chairman of CBSE Ashok Ganguly confirmed that several schools with a marked degree of such discrepancies have already been identified. "However, the advise is meant for all schools. The idea is to institutionalise the process of evaluation in internal assessment. Schools should not use it (the internals) to grant marks without basis," he added.

Schools, however, claim internal marks are awarded on the basis of the work put in through the school year. Said Anjali Chibber, a teacher with Gyan Bharti, "The marks awarded are given on the basis of work done by our students, following the guidelines given by CBSE." said Jyoti Gupta, another teacher, adding that qualitative assessment should be left to the school, since terminal exams did not necessarily assess the student completely.

Meanwhile, Ganguly added that the board was serious about strengthening the methodology of internal assessments as the system may be introduced in other subjects as well from the next academic year.

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