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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Computer Science Senior Secondary

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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Computer Science Senior Secondary

Practical Examination

Note: Given below are distribution of marks, list of practicals and a sample question paper for practical examination. The examiner should set a similar paper for the candidates prior to the exam. The examiner may ensure that the following software must be available in the computer: C++ compiler, Internet connection and Operation system (Windows 98).

Distribution of Marks



1. Operating System and Internet 8 25 Min.
2. Introduction to C++, Control Statements  and Functions 15 40 Min
3. Array structure and Special Data Types 10 30 Min.

4. Pointer and Files

7 25 Min.

List of Practicals

1. Switching between command prompt and shut down system

2. loading of operating system (Windows 98)

3. creating, deleting and renaming files/folders

4. Moving and copying files/folders

5. Recovering a delete file

6. Locating a file/folder using windows explorer or using find

7. Creating short-cut on Desktop

8. Working on Internet and sending e-mail

9. Setting up sharing option for files and folders

10. Writing programs to create a class called student with one private data member called m, of type int, and two public member function: putdata ( ) and getdata ( )

11. Writing program that will ask the user to enter a character. Check if it is alphabetic or not. If alphabetic, check whether it is an upper case or lower case.

12. Writing a program to print student roll no., name , marks and store in a file

13. Writing a program to generate a table of a given number

14. Writing a program to generate a table of a given number

15. Performing string operation using pointers


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII