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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Home Science Senior Secondary

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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Home Science Senior Secondary

Time: 3hrs

Max Marks:20

1. Practical work

A. Group 1 ( One Practical)
i) Resource Management
ii) Fabric Science

4 marks

B. Group 2 ( One Practical)
i) Child Development
ii) Food &Nutrition

4 marks

C. Group 3 ( One Practical)
i) Optical 6A/6B/6C

4 marks

2. Record in Practical Manual

4 marks

3. Viva Voce

4 marks

4. Total

20 marks

List of Practicals

1. To prepare a label depicting each of the following marks of standardisation:i) ISI
ii ) FPO
iii ) Agmark.

2. To fill in various forms at a bank: i ) cheque ii) pay in slip iii) withdrawal form

3. to study the resource pattern of various family members at your home.

4. To list habits of members of your family and neighbours which degrade the environment and suggest Ways to conserve it.

5. To identify this discriminations against a girl child (if any ) your family and find justifications for the same.

6. To identify a child labourer in your locality and develop a profile of the child.

7. To identify a child with special needs and study the family’s effort in his/her achieving independence.

8. To develop a questionnaire to study a family’s efforts in helping an adolescent achieve the developmental tasks.

9. To identify various types of fibres using:I) buring test ii) visual inspection

10. To tie and dye a cotton fabric using various methods of tying.

11. To remove the following stains from white cotton fabrics :
I) curry
ii) blood
iii) mud
iv) ink
v) tea/coffee.

12. To prepare simple dishes using the following methods of food enrichment:
I) combination
ii) fermentation
iii) germination.

13. To study the nutritional intake and its effect on the nutritional status of afamily by maintaining a food diary.

14. To study the programme at a play center to determine th centre’s role in I) socioemotional development ii) physical-motor development iii) cognitive development.

15. To devlop a plan to set up a laundry unit to provide door to door service in
i) rural area
ii) area with government flats
iii) posh society.

List of Articles required for the Practical

A. Articles to be made available by the examination center:
1. Cooking utensils Degchi with cover, karahi, tawa,thali,chakla belan, karchi, spoons, frying pan, pressure cooker, Steamer, strainer, grater, knife.
2. Raw materials All spices, salt, sugar, jaggery, preservatives, colours, ghee/oil, sprouted/fermented Cereals Or pulses, atta, besan, rice, chivra, suji, dalia, maida, pulses, groundnuts, bread, butter, milk, curd.
3. Water arrangement
4. Bottles for jam, pickle, ketchup
5. Sample of stains on 2”*2” white cotton cloth: curry, blood, mid, ink. Tea/coffee.
6. stain removers-glycerin, soap, salt, limejuice, talcum powder, sour butter milk, borax powder
7. Buckets, mugs, tubs, bush
8. Dyeing colours for tie and dye
9. Bank paying in slips/withdrawal forms
10. 2”*2” pieces of various fabrics for fibre identification
11. Sprit lamp and pair of tweezers
12. Empty food packets for evaluation of tables of ISI, FPO, AGMARK

B. Articles to be brought by the students:
1. Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, colour pencils
2. Objects for use in tying in tie and dye
3. Thread for tying in tie and dye
4. Dusters (2 per student), old news paper, overall, rags

Marketing Scheme

1. Practical Work

A. Group 1
Preparation of label/filling in bank forms /tie & dyeing fabric/removal of stains/identifying the fibre.                          3 marks
i) Method of Work and neatness

1 marks

B. Group 2
i) preparation of one dish as given in list of practicals. 3 marks
ii) Method of Work and services

1 marks

C. Group 3
i) Any one practical from the optional module 6A/6B/6C selected by student                                                       3 marks
ii) Method of Work and neatness 1

2. Record as in practical Manual which should be completed and checked by Teacher at Al

4 marks

3. Viva-voce to be based on any of the practicals listed.

4 marks

Total 20 marks

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