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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Mass Communication Senior Secondary

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(Download) NIOS Practical Papers Of Mass Communication Senior Secondary



To understand the concept of a message in communication and to learn how to construct/ write a clear message.


You have learnt to define communication in lesson no. 1. You may recall the example of an SMS where you learnt the importance of clarity of a message so that a receiver understands what exactly the message means. In this exercise, you will send a message or an SMS from your mobile phone to your friend’s mobile phone for taking a specific action of receiving you at the railway station.

Procedure :

1. Prepare a short and concise message giving the following details :

(a) Give the train name and number, the day and time of arrival in the station where your friend should receive you.
(b) Give the name of the railway station as there can be more than one railway station in a city.

2. Send the message to your friend’s mobile number.


1. On the basis of this exercise, can you now give a simple definition of communication?
2. What are the two conditions for communication to take place ?PRACTICAL 2

Objective :

To understand how non verbal communication is used in different situations using gestures and facial expressions.

Introduction :

You have learnt in lesson 1 about the importance of non verbal communication and that almost 80% of all communication is non verbal. In this exercise you will go through newspapers and magazines and identify photographs which show different non verbal communication situations without captions.


1. Select a few newspapers and magazines.
2. Identify 6 photographs which depict various non verbal communication situations.
3. Cut them out and paste them on plain paper
4. Mention clearly what it means clearly below each photograph.


When you look at the six photographs what can you make out? You would have understood how people communicate non verbally.

1. Identify the photographs where hand movements are used.
2. Identify those where facial expressions are used.
3. Identify the photographs where gestures are used.PRACTICAL 3


This practical will help you to cultivate the habit of newspaper reading seriously. This will enable you to have a better understanding of how to approach and analyse a newspaper. This also gives you an insight into the selection of news from various angles in a newspaper.


You have learnt about print media and news in Lesson 5 and Lesson 6. A newspaper contains stories and pictures from various fields like political, social, economic, financial, sports, culture, entertainment etc. Only when you try to study them, you will get an idea of how stories and pictures are selected and published in a newspaper.


Take a copy of any daily newspaper. It may be an English newspaper or a newspaper in any regional language. Read it carefully and mark the news items according to the following categories. You should count the number of news items which have appeared under a particular category.

1. Politics
2. Economics
3. Human Interest
4. Sports
5. Arts and Culture
6. Entertainment
7. Fashion and New Trends
8. Finance
9. Employment
10. Education11. Science
12. Development
13. Stock Market
14. Information Technology
15. Foreign Affairs

Do the same exercise continuously for one week and note the details in the table given below


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII