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CBSE : Physical Education & Sports in Schools

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Physical Education & Sports in Schools

Schools are dynamic settings for promoting health and wellness through various correlated areas such as Physical Education and Sports as well as through Health and Wellness Clubs. There is a growing awareness that the health and psycho-social well-being of young children is of paramount importance and schools can provide a strategic means of improving children’s health, self-esteem, life skills and behaviour. Healthy living incase of school children is the prime concern of all stakeholders including principals, parents, teachers and the community. To achieve this objective collective responsibility needs to be assumed. An important dimension is that of experience and development of health skills and physique through practical engagements with play, exercises, sports and practices of personal and community hygiene.

The CBSE through its various advisories (Circular No. 09 dated 31.5.2006, Circular No. 29 dated 20th June, 2007, Circular No. 27/08 dated 24th June, 2008, Circular No. 49 dated 6th Nov., 2008 and Circular No. 57 dated 20.11.2009) has directed schools to set up Health and Wellness Clubs which can be used to conduct the activities which are detailed in the School Health Manuals in four volumes already released to all the schools. It is well established that participation in Physical Education & Sports activities is highly beneficial to one’s health and it leads to improved performance by students in schools, in addition to helping them in developing many life skills. Children lead happier lives as a result of being actively involved in sporting activities and it has long been established that fitness and improved academics performance go hand in hand. Physical Education and Sports activities during the school hours reduce boredom and help keep students attentive in the classrooms.

Keeping in view the above, the Central Board of Secondary Education has time and again recommended for providing compulsory time schedule for Physical Education & Sports activities for the students of all classes. The Board is of the firm opinion that the Physical Education & Sports programs teach important conflict resolution skills including team work, fair play and communication leading to reduced violent behaviour among children. Further, children who participate in Physical Education & Sports develop a positive attitude towards their every day life activities.

In the above background, it is advised that the following in respect of the Physical Education & Sports may be strictly adhered to:

a. There should be at least 40-45 minutes of Physical Activities or Games period for Classes I-X everyday.
b. For Classes XI – XII it should be ensured that all the students participate in Physical Activity / Games / Mass P.T / Yoga with maximum health benefits for at least two periods per week (90-120 min / week).

c. In case the school has constraints of space, climatic conditions, presence of enough PE Teachers, or coaches it may consider indoor activities which would provide maximum health benefits (Aerobics / Meditation / Yoga & Asanas).

d. Mass P.T. in the morning keeping in view the climate conditions is another alternative the school can have. As part of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII