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(Download) Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) Question Papers 2019

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(Download) Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) Question Papers 2019

Question paper
Exam Name :
 INBO Olympiad Question Papers 2019

                        INDIAN NATIONAL BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD – 2019
                                                SECTION A 
                                 CELL BIOLOGY (7 points) 

1. (1 point) When human genome was sequenced, the annotated number of genes was found to be 20,000. Based on complexity of humans, however, it was expected that there would be more than 100,000 genes. Which of the following statements would explain this discrepancy? 
a. The current methods of sequencing are inefficient to identify the large number of genes.
b. Enhanced somatic recombination in humans takes place to generate more number of  genes.
c.  Large number of genes in humans undergo alternative splicing to generate proteome  diversity.
d.  Fewer genes through frame shift translation can generate more number of proteins. 

2. (1 point)  Molecular chaperones promote folding of proteins using energy from ATP. In the presence of ATP, chaperones assume an open conformation. This exposes
pockets (P) in the chaperone which bind and enclose regions of nascent polypeptides that might promote aggregation. Imagine that life evolved in benzene instead of water,
leading to the same set of amino acids and proteins as we have in biology now. In such a hypothetical scenario, which of the following amino acids is most likely to be
found lining P of chaperones? 
a. Isoleucine
b. Glutamine
c. Arginine
d. Cysteine 


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