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(Download) Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) Question Papers 2020

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(Download) Indian National Biology Olympiad (INBO) Question Papers 2020

Question paper
Exam Name :
 INBO Olympiad Question Papers 2020

                        INDIAN NATIONAL BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD – 2020
                                                SECTION A 
                                 CELL BIOLOGY (7 points) 

1. (1 point) Lipid rafts are cholesterol-rich and glycosphingolipid-rich microdomains in the plasma membrane. Integral membrane proteins required for immune signaling and cell-cell
communication are found in rafts. A few statements regarding lipid rafts are given below. 
i. The raft microdomains are more fluid than rest of the membrane.
ii. Integral membrane proteins present in lipid rafts require a specific modification.
iii. The raft microdomains do not freely mix with rest of the membrane and can induce protein clustering.
iv. Lipid rafts help in preferential endocytosis of clustered signalling proteins.Pick the combination of correct statements. 
a. i, ii and iii 
b. i, ii and iv
c. ii and iii only
d. i and iii only 
2. (1 point) Kinesin-5 motors are tetrameric motors that bind to anti-parallel microtubules and slide them apart. The microtubules in a mitotic spindle can be divided into three groups (1) kinetochore
microtubules (ii) astral microtubules and (iii) interpolar microtubules as shown below. 

During mitosis, Kinesin-5 is most likely to be present on __________ microtubules and is expected to play a crucial role during _________. Choose the correct option to complete the given


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