(Paper) CBSE Class - X : Pre-Board Practice Paper (Introductory Information Technology)

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CLASS-X, Pre Board Practice Paper
(Introductory Information Technology)

1) Answer the following questions:-

a) What is the default extension of Ms-Access database?

b) Distinguish between a record and a field in a table, with an example.

c) How do we set a primary key in Ms-Access?

d) Write one example of each of fields for which you would use

(i) Text data type and (ii) Memo data type

e) What is the purpose of “Default value” field property?

f) Which field property specifies whether the field can be left empty when entering data into a record?

g) Define the term “Data Validation”. Write a validation check to have a value less than 10000 in a data field “Basic Salary” (Basic Salary is a numeric field).

2) Answer the following questions:-

a) Name any two major services provided by Internet.

b) What is an ISP? Name any one ISP of India.

c) What do you understand by the term Web Browser and Web Server?

d) What happens on clicking the Refresh/Reload command on the Web Browser?

e) Expand the following domain name extensions used with Web Addresses:

(i) .org (ii) .gov

f) Distinguish between a Web Address and an E-Mail Address with example.

g) Expand (i) SGML (ii) HTTP (iii) TCP/IP (iv) URL

h) Distinguish between FTP and Remote Login.

i) What is the need of uploading and downloading files?

3) Answer the following questions:-

a) Compare Home Page and Web Site.

b) Differentiate between ALINK and VLINK.

c) How can you insert horizontal lines in a Web Page?

d) Expand the following tags used in HTML:

(i) <P> (ii) <OL> (iii) <BR> (iv) <B>

e) How are comments inserted in HTML code? Explain with example.

f) Why is linking between web page required? Explain with example.

g) How can an Image be inserted in a web page?

h) Consider the HTML code <A HREF=#cbseportal>Introduction</A> In the above code,

(i) What is the purpose of #?

(ii) What will happens the user clicks “Introduction”?

4) Answer the following questions:-

a) Expand the following acronyms: (1) (i) ISP (ii) FTP

b) What is the purpose of a modem? (1)

c) Expand the following top level domain names: (1) (i) .com (ii) .edu

d) Which option/button would you choose on the web browser if a web page takes too

long to load and you wish to load the same web page again? (1)

e) Write the parts of a URL with the help of one example of URL. (2)

f) How can a word document document be sent along with an E-mail? (1)

g) Write the relationship between a web site and a web server. (1)

h) What happens when a message is posted to a newsgroup? How is it different from sending an email to a person? (2)

i) What is Search Engine? (1)

j) Write names of any two popular online Indian Newspapers available on the web.(1)

5) Answer the following questions:-

a) What is the purpose of HTML? (1)

b) What happens when we click on a hyperlinks on a web page? (1)

c) What is a protocol? Name any one protocol user on Internet. (2)

d) Write the difference between <h1> and <h6> heading tags. (1)

e) Write the full form of the following tags. (2)

(i) <OL> (ii) <HR> (iii) <IMG> (iv) <SRC>

f) Distinguish between <BASEFONT SIZE> tags and <FONT SIZE> tag with the help of example of each. (1)

g) Write the purpose of NAME and HREF attributes of <A> tag. (1)

h) Identify the error(s) in the following HTML code. Also write the correct code. (1)

<BODY color=”Red” background=”cbseportal.jpg”>

i) What are the values present with TYPE attribute? (1)

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