(Paper) CBSE Class XII Solved Multiple Choice Questions (Financial Marketing Management)

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Financial Marketing Management Class XII Multiple Choice Questions : Time Your Efforts

Q1 In order to provide efficiency, liquidity & transparency, NSE introduced a nation-wide on-line fully automated ________________________.
a) Screen based trading system.
b) State based ticketing system.
c) Small based ticketing system.
d) Screen based fast system.

Q2 Neat system supports an order driven market, wherein orders match on the basis of _________& __________ priority.
a) Size, bid.
b) Time, price.
c) Quality, quantity.
d) Bid, lot size.

Q3 The odd lot market facility is used for _________________.
a) Normal market.
b) Retdebt market.
c) Odd lot market.
d) Auction market.

Q4 In the auction market, auctions are initiated by the ___________ on behalf of ______________ for settlement related reasons.
a) NSDL, brokers.
b) SEBI, sub-broker.
c) Exchange, trading members.
d) CRISIL, client.

Q5 The branch manager receives end of day reports for all the_________ under that branch.
a) Dealers.
b) Corporate manager.
c) Clients.
d) NCFM certificate holders.

Q6 The corporate manager is a term assigned to a user placed at the_______.
a) Lowest level.
b) Highest level.
c) Middle level.
d) Junior level.

Q7 After login to the NEAT system & before the market opens for trading; a trading member can set up _______________ & ______________.
a) Market watch, viewing inquiry screen.
b) Security descriptor. Market by price.
c) Previous trades, outstanding orders.
d) Activity log, order status.

Q8 Which of the following statement (s) are true?
i) During the open phase order entry is allowed.
ii) During this phase, orders are matched on a continuous basis.
iii) Trading in all the instruments is allowed unless they are specifically prohibited by the exchange.
iv) The activities that are allowed at this stage are inquiry, order entry, order modification, order cancellation & order matching.
    a) Only (i)
    b) Only (ii)
    c) Only (i), (ii) &(iii)
    d) All of the above

Q9 Surveillance & control (SURCON) is that period after market ________ during which, the user have__________ only.
a) Open, inquiry access.
b) Close, inquiry access.
c) Open, order access.
d) Close, order modification access.

Q10 Each user of a trading member must be registered with the _______ & is assigned an unique__________.
a) SEBI, code.
b) NSDL, password.
c) Exchange, user id.
d) NSCCL, user id.

Q11 When a user logs in for the first time, he has to enter the default password____________ provided by the exchange.

Q12 If a trading member forgets his password then he is required to __________in writing with a request to reset the password.
a) Inform the client.
b) Inform the SEBI.
c) Inform the exchange.
d) Inform the NSDL.

Q13 Temporary sign off is a useful feature that allows the user to disallow the use of the trading software without actually___________.
b) Logging off.
c) Typing anything.
d) Entering order.

Q14 The temporary sign off is automatically activated when the user is inactive for a period of ________________.
a) 5 minutes.
b) 10 minutes.
c) 15 minutes.
d) 20 minutes.

Q15 Name the period after market close during which, the users have inquiry access only?
b) Open Phase.
c) Market Close.
d) None of the above.

Q16 The NEAT system provides an order driven market, wherein orders match on the basis of ________________.
a) First come bases.
b) Highest price bases.
c) Time and price priority.
d) None of the above.

Q17 Capital market has how many types of markets?
a) 5 markets.
b) 4 markets.
c) 2 markets.
d) 3 markets.

Q18 What is the full form of VSAT?
a) Very small Aperture terminal.
b) Very small Alternative terminal.
c) Very smallest Aperture trading.
d) None of the above.

Q19 Who receives End of the day reports for all the branches of the Trading member?
a) Dealer.
b) Branch manager.
c) Broker.
d) Corporate manager.

Q20 Who can view and perform order and trade related activities only for oneself?
a) Broker.
b) Dealer.
c) Branch Manager.
d) None of the above.

Very short answer type:
Q1 Give the full names of the following terms—NEAT, VSAT, OECLOB.
    Q2 Name the four types of market of the capital system.
    Q3 What is odd lot market?
    Q4 Explain the term auction market.
    Q5 What are the names of the different market phases.
    Q6 What is market close?
    Q7 On starting NEAT application, what details appear on the logon screen?

Short answer type:
Q1 What is NEAT system? & how does it work?
    Q2 What is normal market?
    Q3 What kind of market is RETDEBT market.
    Q4 Who is a corporate manager & as a NEAT user, he has what facilities?
    Q5 What is open phase?
    Q6 What is SURCON period?

Long answer type:
Q1 Why SBTS was introduced & what was its impact?
    Q2 Explain the various market types.
    Q3 Explain corporate hierarchy in terms of trading system.
    Q4 What are the different market phases?


Q1 (a) Q2 (b) Q3 (c) Q4 (c) Q5 (a) Q6 (b) Q7 (a) Q8 (d) Q9 (b) Q10 (c) Q11 (c) Q12 (c) Q13 (b) Q14 (a) Q15 (a) Q16 (c) Q17 (b) Q18 (a) Q19 (d) Q20 (b)

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