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(Paper) CBSE Class IX Model Test paper - Structure of Atom

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Class – IX
Subject – Structure of Atom

1 Marks Questions

Q1. In television picture tube which type of rays are used?
Q2. Which is heavier, neutron or proton?
Q3. If electrons move from K to L shell, will the energy be absorbed or evolved?
Q4. Helium atom has an atomic mass of 4u and two protons in its nucleus. How many neutrons does it have?

2 Marks Questions

Q5. An ion X 2+ contains 18 electrons and 20 neutrons. Calculate the atomic number and mass no. of element X. Name the element X.
Q7. In a given electric field, β- particles are deflected more than α- particles inspite of the fact that α - particles have larger charge, why?
Q8. Give one Achievement and one limitation of J.J Thomson’s model of atom?

3 Marks Questions

Q9. What are valence electrons? What is their significance?
Q10. What would be the observation if the α - particle scattering experiment is carried out using a foil of a metal other than gold?
Q11. Electronic configuration of Potassium is 2,8,8,1 and Calcium 2,8,8,2, when M shell can have maximum of 18 electrons then why next element Scandium has electronic configuration 2,8,9,2 and not 2,8,8,3 ?
Q12.What are isotopes and Isobars? What are two isotopes of chlorine?Calculate the average atomic mass of a chlorine atom?

5 Marks Questions

Q13. What is present concept of an atom? Explain in detail? Why this model is considered to be the most appropriate model?
Q14. Explain the Rutherford’s alpha particle scattering experiment. What were the main conclusions drawn from this experiment?

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII