(Study Tips) Important Points to Enhance Your Performance And Self Assessment

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Study Tips: Important Points to Enhance Your Performance | Self Assessment

Following are some points which you may use for self assessment that whether you are upto the mark to what we expect out of you. Ask yourself these questions and grade yourself as to where you stand and whether your preparation is upto the mark or not. You may also use these points as suggestions from our side to enhance your performance.

  1. You note down every relevant thing written on the white board.
  2. You are able to seggregate the portion in which you find difficulty.
  3. You attempt the quizzes very honestly & sincerely in the class.
  4. You ask the doubts with concerning faculty after the classes.
  5. You discuss problems with your friends in TA
  6. You never miss classes due to what so ever reason.
  7. You set small - small targets for daily schedule and try to accomplish them.
  8. You study the lectures on the same day in writing.
  9. You solve all the class illustrations / inchapters on your own at home.
  10. You attempt covered portion of Ex-I on the same day.
  11. You note down your doubts in a diary while studying at home.
  12. You refer to prescribed text books whenever you feel any difficulty in theory.
  13. You give sitting for at least one hour at a stretch at home.
  14. You always make it a point to mentally review the studied portion after every sitting.
  15. You solve the quizzes once again at home and mark the important question.
  16. You solve all the questions of tests once again at home and mark down the important question.
  17. You separately note down important points, formulae (summary) of every chapter in a separate note book for revision purpose.
  18. You keep yourself cool, calm, composed during tests.
  19. Do you study very rigorously before tests?
  20. You feel yourself self motivated to strive hard for better performance.
  21. You are putting in your best efforts.
  22. Are you consistent with your study schedule?
  23. You like the TA Faculty and study.

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