(Tips) Five Easy Tips to Learn Mathematics

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Five Easy Tips to Learn Mathematics

1) -  Before any students can learn maths, which is a combination of numbers, symbols and mathematical expressions, he has to relate the facts together in order to find meaning to them. Relationship between the facts can cover real-life applications also. This create a sense of purpose to drive learning motivation. This step is useful for later part in learning maths.


2) -  Here the students have to identify the mathematical facts and concepts that he has to retain and memorize in order to solve maths questions. This step is crucial in that remembering all the mathematical facts and concepts within the topic taught will only confuse and weaken the learning process.


3) -  In this step, the ability to solve maths questions is the focus and objective. There are two phases in this step. The first step is for him to practice, by himself, maths questions with the reference materials laid out in front of him for initial trying. This is to build confidence and understanding of the mathematical concepts and relationship between facts. The second part, which is very important, is to keep all reference materials and practice again without any external help. This will expose any wrong understanding or obstacles not known in the initial practice phase.


4) - Learning maths at this step involves more practice (alone without help) but now with wider scope of coverage. This is to enable learners to experience all possible situations related to the topics learned. Practice more will generate more confidence and better self-esteem.


5) -  This step is to clarify any doubts encountered in previous steps or to align back any misunderstood mathematical concepts or procedural steps in solving the maths questions. Here the process of alignment is iterative in that the final outcome has to tally with facts and concepts to determine true understanding and learning. Practice again with the same level of questioning to ensure learning takes place. Motivation will be greatly enhance if the outcome is positive.


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