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(Tips) How To Prepare For IIT-JEE And AIEEE

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How To Prepare For IIT-JEE And AIEEE

First of all, whenever somebody has any ambition or aim to do something, he or she should be confident to do that thing, means never lose HOPE.

FOR IIT-JEE: For the preparation of IIT-JEE, you have to clear & enhance your CONCEPTS. All you have to go through more and more CONCEPTS.

Whenever somebody prepares for IIT-JEE, just always be with THREE THINGS:



Third is: PRACTICE.

Here remember, I stressed on the word 'PROPER'. In Physics, building CONCEPTS is not a tougher job but building RIGHT (PROPER) CONCEPTS is much tougher. Out of every 20 students, I guarantee, that there is only one or two students who know the RIGHT CONCEPT about a particular topic. So I would like to say that don't think Physics is a tougher subject. REMEMBER one more thing if I prefer even a single book, so it means you have to go through each & every line of that book starting from first page till you encounter the last page. There is no use of doing a lot of books only for one subject without getting any point. I saw a lot of students having their own library at their home. But as far PRACTICE is concerned, do whatever you get from anywhere. Whereas in case of Chemistry, just you need to put your efforts on PRACTICE in case of Inorganic Chemistry. In case of Organic part, just first build up your all BASIC Reactions, then start do PRACTICING. And for Physical Part, same thing you have to do as in case of Organic Part. For Maths (My favourite Subject), just use your brain as much as you can. Ultimately for preparation of any exam, remember some points:

1) Always start from BASICS because "without base, there will be no altitude" and "journey of a thousand miles begin with single step".

2) Always BUILD UP RIGHT & APPROPRIATE BASICS because "once the track of train is being changed, it will go on only that track". So always select the right track.

3) Never prefer solutions of questions before doing SELF-ATTEMPT at least five times till you get the right answer because "without fall you can not stand at once".

4) Never leave the question in between. And I saw a lot of students practicing this question without attempting it whole, and it's a very big fault for students and even it becomes their negative point sometimes. So please ignore this thing. Because "many of life's failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

5) Always try a question with CONCEPTUAL APPROACH, not just read the question then start doing without getting the point that what question is saying.

6) Your study schedule should be such that you will even easily get the time for a little enjoyment daily.

7) Most important thing is that you should be having a time schedule as well as REGULARITY in study.

8) Also you will have to take appropriate sleep or rest of at least 6 hours a day if you are preparing for IIT-JEE otherwise your mind set-up for next day will not be in place.

9) Never cram the things, always TRY TO UNDERSTAND the problem or theory.

10) And BE CONFIDENT while you are preparing. NEVER LOSE CONFIDENCE.

11) Always keep contact with intelligent students of your class or at coaching centre.

12) For your brain storming, I always preferred MTG publications monthly magazine in maths part.

13) Always be AHEAD in exams like-OLYMPIAD, UNIFIED COUNCIL etc. Etc. (for more information-contact me)

14) Always keep the copy of latest syllabus for particular exam. Always check the syllabus before starting a new topic.


16) I have a positive point i.e. once I set a goal, then I don't look at anything else, I just KEEP DETERMINATION in me until or unless I ACHIEVE THAT GOAL.

17) Whenever you complete any chapter or particular topic, first of all, go through that topic from NCERT. (It's very important).

18) There is one more thing, whenever you are studying just be CONCENTRATE on that thing so badly, so that you even don't know what is happening your nearby. Because studying 2 hours with DAMN GOOD CONCENTRATION is equals to studying 5-12 hours without any concentration.

19) Always study anything with GREAT INTEREST otherwise it will be of NO USE.

20) Even there are some students who think that they can nod prepare for IIT-JEE like EXAMS. So if they think so, then they are wrong. Because "ATTITUDE, NOT APTITUDE DETERMINES ALTITUDE".

At last I prefer books for preparation of IIT-JEE subject-wise (according to me):

* MATHS: R.D.SHARMA (for theory and practice) and PURUSHOTTEM KUMAR-OBJECTIVE (it must be for practice)



* INORGANIC CHEMISTRY: NCERT (must) (you need nothing else for preparing this part)

* NOTE: prefer MTG Publication monthly Magazine also &if are taking coaching from somewhere, then prefer that notes also.

* PHYSICS: H.C.VERMA (part 1 & 2 both)(for theory as well as practice)

At last I want to say one more thing for IIT-JEE that "DO PRACTICE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITH YOUR FULL EFFORT"

FOR AIEEE: There are lot of students who think that if they are preparing for IIT-JEE, then they are also preparing for AIEEE. It's wrong.

First of all, for preparation of AIEEE, they have to prepare tightly for CBSE EXAMS if the person is fresher otherwise dropper also have to prepare for CBSE, only then he can think of rank less than 20,000 in AIEEE.

If somebody is preparing for AIEEE (whether he is preparing for IIT-JEE or not), he or she has to keep THREE WORDS IN HIS OR HER MIND ALL THE TIME:

1) PRACTICE (as much as somebody can)

2) SPEED (for doing question with RIGHT APPROACH)


For AIEEE, you have to learn SMALL TRICKS and MAGIC to solve the question in possible time.

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