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  • Math is learned by doing problems. The problems help you learn the formulas and techniques you do need to know, as well as improve your problem-solving skills.

  • Form a study group in your school or with your friends. Meet once or twice a week Go over problems you've had trouble with. Either someone else in the group will help you, or you will discover you're all stuck on the same problems. Then it's time to get help from your Teacher.

  • Write formulas on cards or on white sheet and put on wall above your study table. Read these formulas daily, this way you can easily remember all formulas.

  • Always review previous sections you have already covered each day. Reviewing daily take much lesser time than coming back to covered section after a month or weeks.

  • After you solve mathematical problem, have your teacher or someone else check the steps you followed to solve the problem.

  • Practice as much as possible, just watching the teacher do the problem, does not develop your ability to solve the problem.

  • Always stick to only one particular book, do not go after number of books.

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