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Study Tips for IIT JEE and AIEEE Exam preparation

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Study Tips for IIT JEE preparation

NOTE : AIEEE is also same examination as IITJEE.So all the tips for IITJEE are Tips for AIEEE.AIEEE papers are getting the same type of question as IITJEE.

1. Concentrate on the basic concepts. Strengthen your fundamentals. Master the basic of each chapter. Do many times so that you know the concept by heart. NCERT books are good for the concept. So first should be to study the NCERT books and familiarize all the concepts. HC verma is also good for concept.

2. Once you are through with the concepts, you need to develop problem solving skills. Pick one good physics and start solving the questions. Initially problems of low level should be tried and only when you have mastered them, you should go on to solving intricate JEE type problems. Always give full attempt the question before seeing the solutions. Try to recall all the formula, concepts and try the solve the problems. Don't take too many Physics books .One or two should be sufficient.

3. JEE paper consists of questions from various units. Some units are easier to solve. So Students should try the following order for mastering the units.

Thermodynamics: It is quite simple to master this topics. JEE paper always have few question from it. So easy to score those.

Hydrostatics and Bernoulli's Principle: This is also simple.

Waves in Elastic Media: This too is simple to master. JEE always have one or two question from it.

Interference Beats and Doppler's Effect: Similarly for this.

Electrostatics: Coulomb's law, Potential, electric question are simple to attempt.

Electromagnetic Induction

Lorentz' Forces: Simple question from it.

Circuits with Capacitors: Easier to attempt with some practice and method to solve the circuits

Modern Physics (full): Always have some question from it. Easier to master

Collisions: JEE paper have difficult question from this but easier then below topics. It should attempted in the last

Rotational Motion: bit tough. It should attempted in the last

Gravitation, Elasticity, S.H.M.: bit tough. It should attempted in the last

Once you are through with the course. You should start taking Mock test. This will give you the feel of the examination. Try to give as many as possible. Judge your speed and accuracy. You wont feel tensed and stressed on the examination day this way.

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII