CBSE School Affiliation BY-LAWS 2018

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CBSE School Affiliation BY-LAWS 2018


  1. Short Title and Commencement 
  2. Norms for Affiliation 
  3. Land Requirement 
  4. Physical Infrastructure 
  5. Staff 
  6. Financial Resources 
  7. School Fees 
  8. School Management Committee 
  9. Roles, Responsibilities, Duties and Powers of Important Functionaries. Procedures Related to Submission, Processing of Applications And Approvals. Inspection of Schools 
  10. Penalties 
  11. Procedure for Imposition of Penalties 
  12. General Rules 
  13. Special Provisions
  14. In Service Training of Teachers and Quality Assessment
  15. Affiliation Committee
  16. Interpretation, Repeal and Saving
  • Appendix-I : Schedule of Fee under Various Heads 
  • Appendix-II : DEO Certificate for Fresh Affiliation 
  • Appendix-III : DEO Certificate for Extension and Upgradation of Affiliation 
  • Appendix-IV  : Sample Affidavit 
  • Appendix-V Enrolment Table
  • Appendix-VI Time Frame for submitting the Applications 
  • Appendix-VII Qualifications and other Details for Teachers 
  • Appendix-VIII Commencement Certificate 

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