(CBSE) Prerana Portal to participate in PRERANA - An Experiential Learning Program

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(CBSE) Prerana Portal to participate in PRERANA - An Experiential Learning Program

Approach and Methodology :

The methodology embraces a holistic approach to education, centred around joyful experiential learning. With a keen focus on well-defined learning objectives, the framework integrates and includes various activities like:

• Watching films
• Immersing in storytelling
• Participating, and learning about regional games
• Crafting working radio models
• Exposure to computer design skills
• Making portraits
• Observing water samples
• Delving into cutting-edge technological advancements like 3D printing, drones
• Engaging field trips

Collaborative learning strategies, and advanced technologies, will ensure a dynamic and immersive educational experience. Community interaction is emphasized, creating real-world contexts for learning. Different mediums, including paintings, podcasts, blogs, 3-D printed models, and more, empower children to express their understanding in ways that resonate with their individual strengths.

The approach to Prerana underscores the importance of providing teachers with the necessary training and resources, implementing varied strategies, and fostering continuous improvement through reflection and feedback.

Exposure to activities in this programme will instil in the youngsters a sense of citizenship and pride in their nation, as well as a spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship. This will foster respect for India's immense unity and diversity, as well as the ethos of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam."

Eligibility :

Students of Class IX to XII from any recognised school of the country.


Two students (01 boy and 01 girl) will be selected for Prerana program from each district.


  • Students of class IX to XII will register through an online application on the dedicated PRERANA Portal giving personal details, school details, academic and special achievements.
  • Based on the criteria, details filled, special achievements, 200 students will be shortlisted in each district (100 girls and 100 boys).


  • All shortlisted 200 students will be informed by email/message on contact details of school/student as filled in the application and called to one Nodal Centre in district - JNV/KV (CBSE School if JNV or KV is not available in district) on a particular day called ‘PRERANA UTSAV’ for orientation cum talent hunt.
  • Students will exhibit their talent in multi-modal activities like recording a short video, writing essay/poem/story and other creative expression (Painting/ caricature etc.) on given topic like “Why should I be selected for Prerana” or “My Vision of India @ 2047” etc.
  • The recording and uploading of multi-modal activities / creative expression on portal will be facilitated by the Nodal Centre by arranging required resources.
  • Teacher Committees of KVS will evaluate evidences of creative expression based on the content and presentation and upload marks on portal.
  • The students will be shortlisted/selected keeping in mind the representation of at least 50% rural, 50% girls and all other categories.
  • In special circumstances, children with extraordinary talent can also be nominated directly.


  • 30 students identified in Stage II will be informed by email/message on contact details of school/student as filled in the application to attend personal interview at JNV/KV of the district.
  • Final 2 students (1 boy and 1 girl) along with 02 students for reserve panel will be selected through personal interview, achievements, and impromptu writing to judge their personality and suitability for the programme.
  • Finally selected students will be informed by email/message on contact details of school/student as filled in the application.
  • The details of the programme, reporting venue in the district, requirements for the programme etc. will be intimated to selected students and their respective schools. 1


Each day will begin with Yoga and Pranayam for mindfulness and meditation followed by breakfast. The breakfast session will also include some Mission LIFE activities which will help in focussing on sustainable development.

Following the breakfast and Mission LIFE activities, each session will provide an experiential learning session with a connected and/or different theme(s). Evening activities can include, boating, heritage walks, site visits, music sessions, film screenings and discussions, talent show of students, indigenous games, science and games activities, storytelling etc.

Some Exemplar Activities:

  • 1. Dhairya and Sahas Activity: When we hear about the heroes of our freedom struggle, our hearts are filled with pride about the bravery they displayed during the fight for independence. Their courage in the face of adversity, their willingness to confront danger, and their resolve to act with strength and determination made us a free country. Let us make portraits of Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar, Gandhi, etc. with rubik’s cubes, strings, bindi and stereographic projection using laser cutter machine and 3D printer.

  • 2. Parishram and Samarpan Activity: The Indian Independence struggle took almost 100 years from 1857 to1947, and this took a great amount of hard work and perseverance from people all over the country. Making hand spun cotton Khadi fabric played an important role in rejecting the British manufactured fabric and being fully self-reliant and Swadeshi. Let us learn to spin our own thread from cotton using a box Charkha.


Sharmishtha Jheel, Tanariri garden, Archaeological Site

Pre-visit activity: List out the diversity in insects, vegetation, flora fauna, and marine life you have seen until now.

Post-visit activity: List out the diversity you have seen after the visit. Now compare the two lists. Was it more diverse? What was different?

All of these activities are suggestive and will ensue thought provoking discussions that are designed to initiate an exchange of knowledge aimed at holistic growth.

How to apply :

• Eligible students will register through PRERANA Portal giving personal details, school details and special achievements.
• Students will give details of District and Urban/ Rural based on Location of School.
• The special Achievements along with National/State/District/School level of participation is to be given by the student and for 'OTHER' field of achievement, student will write down the name of achievement (Any achievement which is not covered in drop down) and select level.
• Student may submit more than one achievement in Special Achievement 1,2, 3 and 4 and select level accordingly.
• If the student is having any medical issues/ ongoing medication, the information is to be filled in the application form.
• Based on the criteria and the details filled, 200 students will be shortlisted in each district (100 girls and 100 boys).
• All shortlisted 200 students will be informed by email/message on contact details of school/student as filled in the application for participation in PRERANA UTSAV at nodal school of district.
• If any student is unable to apply due to technical issues, he/she may approach JNV of the district so that necessary assistance may be provided to apply through portal.

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