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(Paper) CLAT UG Question Paper 2013 : General Knowledge and Current Affairs

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(Paper) Previous Year Question Paper (BA LLB) - 2013

Section - II : General Knowledge and Current Affairs

1. The Headquarter of European Union is situated in

A. England
B. Germany
C. France
D. Belgium

2. India in 2008 successfully put CHANDRAYAAN-1 into its initial orbit by

A. PSLV- C12
B. PSLV- C11
C. PSLV-14

3. Vishwanathan Anand retained the World Chess Championship in 2012 by defeating Boris Gelfand. Mr. Gelfand belongs to

A. Israel
B. Russia
C. Poland

4. Kapilvastu Relics (fragments of Lord Buddha’s bone), for the second time in 114 years, recently travelled from India to

A. China
B. Sri Lanka
C. Myanmar
D. Japan

5. Dr. Norman Borlaugh is famous as father of the Green Revolution in 1960s. His initial goal was to create varieties of wheat adapted to the climate of

A. Mexico
B. India
D. China

6. A feature ‘Bluetooth’ now common in mobile phones, gets its name from a

A. Chinese 10th Century King
B. UK Software Company
C. Greek Goddess
D. Danish 10th Century King

7. Which pair of states does not touch each other

A. Meghalaya, Manipur
B. Chhattisgarh, U.P.
C. Rajasthan, Punjab
D. J.K., H.P.

8. Baglihar dam, is constructed on river

A. Ravi
B. Chenab
C. Indus
D. Sutlej

9. Navjivan Trust was instituted with the objectives of propagating peaceful means of attaining third Swaraj, by

A. Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi
B. Lala Lajpat Rai
C. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
D. Dr. Ambedkar

10. World Cup Football 2014 and Olympics 2016 will be held in

B. Brazil
C. Russia
D. South Africa

11. In 2012-13, India’s target is to restrict the fiscal deficit to x % of the GDP, where x is

A. 10
B. 8.3
C. 15
D. 5.1

12. POSCO steel project to come up but being strongly protested by the people is located in

A. Chhattisgarh
B. Jharkhand
C. Odisha
D. Andhra Pradesh

13. Bharat Ratna and Padma Awards in our country were instituted in the year

A. 1952
B. 1954
C. 1962
D. 1964

14. Who was crowned the Miss World 2012 on August 18, 2012?

A. Ms. Jessica Kahawaty
B. Ms. Wenxia Yu
C. Ms. Vanya Mishra
D. Ms. Sophie Moulds

15. Vishwaroopam is a 2013 Tamil spy thriller film written, directed and co-produced by ______________ who also enacts the lead role.

A. Prakash Raj
B. Rajni Kant
C. Kamal Haasan
D. Chiranjeevi

16. Vijay Kumar, who clinched a silver medal in London Olympics in 2012 is associated with

A. Boxing
B. Shooting
C. Weight Lifting
D. Wrestling

17. Sushil Kumar who won a silver medal in London Olympics in 2012 is associated with

A. Shooting
B. Boxing
C. Wrestling
D. Weight lifting

18. How many medals did India win in London Olympics 2012?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

19. The present Pope chosen in March 2013 hails from which country?

A. Brazil
B. Mexico
C. Argentina
D. Panama

20. The first person to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969 and who died on Aug. 25, 2012 was

A. Nevil Armstrong
B. Neil Armstrong
C. Gagan Narang
D. Michael Phelps

21. In which place, on Feb 21, 2013, two powerful explosive devices planted on bicycles had exploded in Andhra Pradesh?

A. Dilrubnagar
B. Dilsukhnagar
C. Dilkushnagar
D. Dilshaknagar

22. On which date Maha Kumbh Mela started in Prayag this year?

A. 14-1-2013
B. 1-1-2013
C. 26-1-2013
D. 4-1-2013

23. On which date International Women’s Day is celebrated?

A. 18th March
B. 8th March
C. 28th March
D. 18th Feb

24. Duration of which Five Year Plan was 2007-2012

A. X

25. As per census 2011, which State has the lowest sex ratio (877:1000)?

A. Punjab
B. Haryana
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Bihar

26. Hugo Chavez who died on March 5, 2013 after losing his battle with cancer, was the President of which country?

A. Argentina
B. Cuba
C. Brazil
D. Venezuela

27. Carlos Slim, who tops the list of world’s wealthiest people, for the fourth year in a row, belongs to which country?

B. England
C. Mexico
D. Germany

28. In the name P. Chidambaram, the present Union Finance Minister, what does ‘P’ stands for?

A. Palghat
B. Pallakudi
C. Palaniappan
D. Perumal

29. The earlier name of which city was New Amsterdam?

A. Chicago
B. California
C. Washington D.C.
D. New York City

30. The grant of Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa is associated with

A. Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula
B. Nawab Asif-ud-Daula
C. Shah Alam I
D. Shah Alam II

31. Where did Kuchipudi, an eminent dance form, originate?

A. Kerala
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Tamil Nadu

32. Light Year is the unit of

A. Time
B. Distance
C. Light
D. None of these

33. The leaning tower of Pisa does not fall because

A. It is tapered at the top
B. It covers a large base area
C. Its C.G. is inside the tower
D. The vertical line passing through the C.G. of the tower falls within its base

34. “Paradise Regained” was written by

A. John Milton
B. Michel Angelo
C. John Keats
D. Lord Byron

35. Which is the richest temple in India?

A. Balaji Temple of Tirupathi
B. Padmanabha Swamy Temple of Thiruvananthapuram
C. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
D. Jagannatha Temple of Puri

36. Who founded the Red Cross?

A. Henry Dunant
B. Alexander
C. James Cook
D. Bismark

37. World Literacy Day is celebrated on

A. 5th September
B. 6th September
C. 8th September
D. None of these

38. South African Paralympics icon Oscar Pistorius has been accused of killing

A. Julia Kamp
B. Reeva Steenkamp
C. Pistorius Kamp
D. Shakeera Kamp

39. In the month of March, 2013 the Supreme Court of India issued a notice that the ambassador of the following country shall not leave India without the permission of the Supreme Court

A. Germany
B. Maldives
C. Italy
D. Nepal

40. The Constitution (One Hundred Seventeenth Amendment) Bill, 2012 makes provisions regarding

A. Reservation in matters of promotions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
B. Reservation in matters of appointments for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
C. Reservation in matters of appointments and promotions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
D. None of the above

41. The number of High Courts in India is

A. 18
B. 24
C. 21
D. 28

42. The last British Emperor of India was

A. King George I
B. King George III
C. King George V
D. King George VI

43. Palaeolithic period is also known as

A. Mesolithic Age
B. Late Stone Age
C. Old Stone Age
D. Neolithic Age

44. Capital of India was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi in the year

A. 1901
B. 1911
C. 1921
D. 1922

45. The chairman of Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee of the Constituent Assembly was

A. Rajendra Prasad
B. B.R. Ambedkar
C. Jawaharlal Nehru
D. J.B. Kripalani

46. The Environment Protection Act was passed by the Parliament of India in the year

A. 1976
B. 1986
C. 1996
D. 2006

47. International Year of Biodiversity is/was/will be

A. 2010
B. 2011
C. 2012
D. 2014

48. The first Shaka king in India was

A. Rudradaman
B. Menadar
C. Maues
D. Damanrudra

49. Potential Energy is described by the expression:

A. PE= mgh
B. PE= ngh
C. PE= oph
D. PE= pph

50. Where was 16th NAM Summit held?

A. Tehran
B. Mehran
C. Turban
D. Bagdad

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