NTSE Sample Questions 2016-17 : Karnataka Language Comprehensive Test (Stage-1)

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NTSE Sample Questions 2016-17 : Karnataka Language Comprehensive Test (Stage-1)

Questions.(1 - 5) :
Read the fOllowing passage and answer the questions given below:

I had hardly settled to work on the next issue of the morninger when the boss stormed into the room raging. Having joined his tabloid only a couple of months ago, I had come to think of him as an urbane, upright and eticulous man. The outburst, caused by a minor slip in the report filed by me yesterday, unnerved me completely. "Was this the man who patted me on the shoulder only the other day for COvering the Prime Minister's visit to the state ?" _ I asked myselfin vain. Iwrote out my resignation and walked out of the office in a stupor. (105 words)

1. The boss stormed into the room, raging because _
1) the author was working on the next issue of the morninger
2) he came to know that the author had come late
3) the author had made some mistake
4) the author had nQt carried out his orders

2. The author left the office in a stupor because _
1) he had not done any mistake
2) of the sudden display of temper by the boss .. .
3) he felt he had faited utterly in the task
4) the boss's behavior towards him hadoften.been harsh

3. The author thought that, the boss of the establishment was _
1) a man of perfection 
 2) a quarrelsome man
 3) a man of scrupulous nature
4) an unpleasant personality

4; From reading of the passage o,necan conclude that th~author worked in _
 1) an office collecting and disseminating information about the visits of ministers and VIPs
2) a publicity and public relations office run by a ruling political party
3) a public relation office run by a ruling political party
4) a private company bringing out a weekly news magazine

5. The author was appreciated by the boss because _
1) he walked out of the office in a stupor
2) he wrote his resignation and walked out
3) the Prime Minister had visited the State
 4) he had covered the news of Prime Minister's visit to the State

Questions (6- 10) :
Read the following passage and answer the question  given below:

My wife,daughter and I were travelling in a rented car through Nottingham, England, on our way to a cousin's home in the northern suburbs, I became thoroughly confused by the maze of circular and one-way streets. Finally, we spotted a policeman and pulled up to ask directions. We were surprised when he removed his tall helmet, opened the back door and slid in beside our daughter. "It'll be much easier to show you", he explained. Off we went through a series of left and right turns, traffic lights and even a short jaunt up a oneway lane the wrong way. Twenty' minutes later we arrived at a ma'inintersection. "Now you'll be all right",' announced our guide. "Just turn h.ere~stay on the road for eight or nine kilometers and you're there." With that, he opened the door~ got out, replaced'his helmet and strod~ briskly off. (153 words)
6. Th.ewriter was confused by _
 1) a network of circular roads
2) wrong direction by traffic cops
3) confusing road signals
4) road map that he had with him

7. The word 'suburbs' means ----
1) a remote village
2) the city centre
 3) residential area outside a town
4) an industrial town

8. The response of the policeman can be said to be---,-----
1) rude
2) greedy
3) imposing
 4) helpful

9. The 'tone' of narration in the paragraph is _
1) euphoric
2) ironic
3) satiric.
4) ridiculous

10. The expression "our guide" in the paragraph means _
1) policeman
2) cousin
3) passerby
4) professional gpide

Questions (11 - 15) :

Read the following poem and answer the questions given below: .


Of all the meals that glad my day My morning one's the best; Purveyed me on a silver tray, Immaculately dressed. I rouse me when the dawn is bright I leap into the sea, Returning with a rare delight To honey, toast and tea.
My appetite was razor edged When I was in my prime; To eggs and bacon I waspledged ... . Alas! the March of Time For now a genial old gent With journal on my knee, I sip and take with vast content My honey, toast and tea~So set me up for my delight The harvest of the bee; Srown, crispy toast with butter bright, Ceylon - two cups or three Letothers lunch or dinner praise, But I regale with glee, As I regard with grateful gaze Just honey, toast and tea.
11. For the poet the best meal is
1) dinner
3). supper
2) breakfast
4) lunch

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