NTSE Sample Questions 2016-17 : Rajasthan Language (Stage-1)

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NTSE Sample Questions 2016-17 : Rajasthan Language (Stage-1)

Direction for  Question  No. 1 - 5 : Read  the passage    and  answer   the questions   based  on it.

I have  three  visions  for India.  In 3000 'years  of our  history  people -frorn all. over  the  world  have  come  and  invaded  us,  captured   our  lands,   conquered'  our minds.   From   Alexander   onwards   the   Greeks,   the'  Turks,    the   . Moguls,  the Portuguese,   the  British,  the  French,  the  Dutch,  all of them  came  and  looted us,took over what  was ours.  Yet we have not done this  to any other  nation.  We have' not  conquered   anyo~e .. We have  not  grabbed  their  land,  their  culture   and  their history  and  tried to enforce our way of life on them.  Why?  Because  we respet  the freedom  of others.  That  is why my FIRST VISION is that  of FREEDOM. I believe that   India   got  its .first  vision  of  this   in  1857,  when  we  started   the  Wat  of Independence.   It is this  freedom that  we must  protect  and  nurture   and  build  on.If we are not free,  no one will respect  us.                                                                          .
We have  10 per cent growth in most areas.  Our poverty levels are falling. Our  achievements   are being globally recognised  today.  Yet we lack  the  self confidence to  see  ourselves  as  a developed  nation,   self-reliant   and  self assured.   Isn't. this incorrect?    MY SECOND VISION for India  is DEVELOPMENT. For  fifty years  we have  been  a. developing nation.  It is time we see ourselves  as a developed  nation. We are among  top five nations  in' the world in terms  of GDP. I have THIRD VISION India  must  stand  up to the world. Because  I believe that  unless   India  stands   up to the world, no one will-respect  us.  Only strength  respects   strength:   We must  be strong  not only as a military power but  also as an economic  power.

1'.    'In 3000 year~ manycountries    invaded India. What damage  did they do to us?

(1)    They gave India freedom
(2)   They worked for India's  development

(3)   They looted us,  took over what was ours                                                              .
(4)   They helped us' to be strong  and powerful.

2..    Why we ( India)   have  not  conquered   any  nation   ? Not grabbed  their  land  and culture?
(1)..  Because  we were a weak nation

(2)    Because  we respect  the freedom of others

(3)    Because  we did not respect  the freedom of others

(4).    Because  we were a 'greedy nation.


3.     The author's    first  vision  is that  of freedom.  What  kind  of freedom  is it ?

(1)    It is to live and  enjoy freely

(2)    It is to grab  others'   land

(3)    It is the  freedom  that  we must  protect  and  nurture   and  build  on

(4)    It is to enforce  our  way of life.


4.    What  is the  second  vision  of the  author?

(1)    His second  vision  is Independence
(2)    His second  vision  is to respect  others

(3)     His second  vision  is to' take  overon   others

(4)    His second  vision  for India  is Development.

5.    According  to the  author   what  should  we do to stand   up  to the  world?

(I)    We must  be strong  as  military  and  economic  powers
(2)    We must  invade  others'   lands  and  conquer   their  minds'

(3)    We must  respect   the  strength   of others
(4)    We must  work with  great  minds. Choose   the  correct  options  to fin in the  blanks;

6.      Mayank  always .................................. newspaper   in the  morning.

(1)    read                                                            (2)    reads

(3)    was  reading                                               (4)    is reading.

7.      Listen!  Someone   ................    at the  door:

(1)    is knocking                                                (2)    are  knocking

(3)    knocks                                                        (4)    knocked.

8.      Kezia's  father  ...................    home just  now.

(1)    come                                                           (2)    came
(3)  "has  'come                                                  (4)    had  come.

9.      First  prize  ....................   ' by Wanda  last  year.

(1)    were won                                                   (2)    was  won

(3)    are  won                                                     (4)    IS  won.

10.   A Poem  .................    by Roshani  now.

(1)    is being  recited                                         (2)    was  being  recited

(3)    will be recited                                           (4)    are  being  recited.

11.   NationalAnthem     .................    everyday  in the  prayer  assembly.

(1) will be sung                                               (2)    is sung
(3) sang                                                         (4) is  smging.

12.    Prizes ...........................  by the  chief guest  in the  annual   function   next  week.
( 1)    give  away

(2)    has  been  given away

(3)    will be given away
(4)    was  given away,

15.    Anjana   said  to her  father,   '1 want  to buy  a-new  dress." Anjana   told  her  father   that ................. to buy  a new  dress.
 (1)    he wanted.                                                 (2)    she  was  wanted                     .
(3)    she  wanted                                                 (4)    she  wants.

16.  _There  are  clouds   in the  sky.  It....................... rain  today.
(1)    should                                                   (2) may.

. (3)  cuuld                                                           (4)   will 

17. ............... you  lend  me one  thousand    rupees?

(1)    Must                                                            (2)    May

(3)    Would                                                         (4) . Might.

18'.  Father  warns   his  children:    It's poison,  you .............. touch   it.

(1) - needn't                                                         (2)    couldn't

(3)   'can't                                                           (4)   mustn't.

19.    Jaiprakash     as  well as  his  colleagues ................. determined    to achieve   the  goal this  year.

(1)   am                                                              (2)    are

(3)   is                                                                (4)    were.

20.    The  poet  and  playwright                                  .
(1)    are  dead                                                      (2)    is dead

(3)    are  dying                                                    (4)    were  dead.

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