NTSE Sample Questions : 2016 Chandigarh State (MAT)

NTSE Sample Questions : 2016 Chandigarh State (MAT)

1. If the following words are arranged according to the dictionary order then which will be the second word in that order?
(1) Expound
(2) Exposure
(3) Expulsion
(4) Expose

2. If it is possible to make a meaningful word from first, fifth, seventh and eleventh letters of the word ECCENTRICITY then which will be the third letter of the word? If it is possible to make more than one world then answer will be M and if the world formation is not possible then the answer will be X.
(1) X
(2) R
(3) N
(4) M

3. How many such letter-pairs are there in the word FRONTIER having same no. of letters left between them as they have in the series?
(1) 2
(2) 4
(3) 1
(4) None of these

4. If UDOMETER is coded as DUMOTERE then how will SUBLEASE be coded?
(4) None of these

5. If RASCAL is coded as QZRBZK then how will SOLDER be coded?

6. If Sand is coded as Brick, Brick as House, House as Temple, Temple as Palace then where do you worship?
(1) Palace
(2) Temple
(3) Brick
(4) House

7. In a certain code language ‘123’ means– ‘Mahendra is Able’, ‘345’ means–‘Sunita is unlucky’, ‘526’ means–‘Mahendra was unlucky’, then what is the code used for unlucky?
(1) 2 
(2) 3
(3) 1
(4) None of these

8. If ‘678’ means–‘Society Family Husbandry’, ‘574’ means– ‘Husbandry Health Control’, ‘342’ means–‘Health Census shop’, then–
(I) Which code has been used for ‘Health’?
(1) 7
(2) 4
(3) 2 
(4) None of these

9. Directions –In the following question one word is different from the rest. Find out the word which does not belong to the group
(1) KMNO
(2) ABDE
(3) PRST 
(4) UWXY

10. As ‘Magazine’ is related to ‘Editor’ in the same why ‘Drama’ is related to what?
(1) Hero
(2) Heroine
(3) Co-actor
(4) None of these

11. Directions–In the following question a series is given. Which one of the alternative will replace the question-mark (?) ?
Z15A, W13C, ?, Q9G, N7I.
(1) T12F
(2) R11F
(3) T11E
(4) R13D

12. Direction – In the following question one number-series is given in which one term is wrong. Find out the wrong term.
5, 12, 19, 33, 47, 75, 104.
(1) 33
(2) 47
(3) 75
(4) 104

13. Directions – In the following question a letter-series is given, in which some letters are missing. The missing letters are given in the proper sequence as one of the alternatives. Find the correct alternative. 
(1) caac
(2) ccaa
(3) caaa
(4) None of these

14. Five members of a family, Rakesh, Mukesh, Roopesh, Vipul and Umesh take food in a definite order–
(1) Umesh was next to first man.
(2) Roophesh took food after the man who was before Vipul
(3) Rakesh was the last man to the food
(a) Who was the first and last men to take food?

(1) Mukesh and Roopesh
(2) Roopesh and Rakesh
(3) Umesh and Mukesh
(4) Mukesh and Rakesh

15. In a clock, the time is 7: 30 am. The clock is so placed that its hour hand is facing North West. In which direction will be minute hand facing?
(1) South
(2) East
(3) North East
(4) West

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