NTSE Sample Questions : 2016 Maharastra State (LCT)

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NTSE Sample Questions : 2016 Maharastra State (LCT)

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-5) :
Read the passage and Answer the questions based on it :

In towns and cities of north and west India, kite flying is a craze. People fly their kites mostly from the roofs of their houses. At some places kites are flown from open grounds. Being a fun sports all times, kites are flown throughout the year. However there are some special occasions, on which every enthusiast involves himself in Patang Baazi. These occasions include Makar Sankranti, Basant Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, and Independence Day. Basant Panchami is one of the biggest festivals of North India. It heralds both the approach of the harvest and the end of winter. This spring festival is celebrated by flying kites, mainly of yellow colour, which represents the
ripening mustard in the fields. From the morning onwards, the roofs of almost every house become full of young and old keeping their kites afloat. By early afternoon, the sky becomes peppered with kites of different colours and sizes. The fun of Basant Panchami does not preclude the intense competition that is a unique north Indian phenomenoncutting each other’s kite lines. Each time a kite’s lifeline is severed, a cheer, “ Bo- kata: (loosely translated as “akite cut off”), is sent up by the victor.

1. What does the yellow colour kite represent ?
(1) End of winter 
(2) Ripening of mustard
(3) Harvest season 
(4) All of these

2. Pick out the antonyms for 'Victor' :
(1) Winner 
(2) Loser
(3) Rivals 
(4) Master

3. Which festivals are mentioned in the passage ?
(1) Basant Panchami
(2) Makar Sankranti
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) None of these

4. In which season is Basant Panchami celebrated ?
(1) Summer 
(2) Winter
(3) Autumn 
(4) Spring

5. Which of these pairs is the odd man out ?
(1) Flying kites
(2) Biggest festival
(3) Yellow colour
(4) Paper lamps

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