NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Chandigarh State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

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NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Chandigarh State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

  • PART -3
  • (Q. Nos. 1 to 50)
  • Max. Marks : 50
  • State : Chandigarh

Directions: 1-5 Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it.

Gandhi without realising it, had found the secret of success. He began to look on every difficulty as an opportunity for service, a challenge which could draw out of him greater and greater resources of intelligence and  imagination. In turning his back on personal profit or prestige in his work, he found he had won the trust and even love of white and Indian South Africans alike. More and more people from his own community began to entrust their legal work to him. In short time he was a successful lawyer, dignified with westernized life style.

He brought his wife Kasturba and two sons to their new home and painfully they adjusted to the tortures of alien cloths and artificial manners. At first they objected bitterly, but Gandhi was unyielding. It was essential to look  “civilized” that is, European. That was the price of success, and all of them had to pay for it.

But the political and social repression of all Indian in South Africa, and especially the desperate condition of those who come as labourers on a system equivalent to legalized slavery, had made a deep impression on Gandhi.  When the black plague broke out in the squalid ghetto of Johannesburg, the sick and dying were taken to an abandoned, quarantined building where a heroic English nurse spent long hours alone caring for them. Many years later she related that at the height of epidemic Gandhi come to help. She warned him that it was plague, but he went straight to the sick. She saw him bending over a dying man covered with vermin. Gandhi tended to him and whispered. “He is my brother”.

1. Gandhi found the secret of success in …………
(A) Personal Profit
(B) Prestige in his work
(C) Every difficulty as an opportunity
(D) Turning his back on personal profit or prestige in his work

2. Kasturba ………………….
(A) was happy dressing in alien clothes
(B) did not agree to dress in alien clothes
(C) initially resisted to wear alien clothes and adopt artificial manners
(D) could not adjust to alien clothes and artificial manners

3. Gandhi identified with ………………….
(A) the Europeans
(B) his family
(C) the labourers who came from India
(D) None of the above

4. The nurse was looking after ………………….
(A) Plague patients
(B) Patients with infectious disease
(C) Sick and the dying Indians
(D) Indian labourers suffering from black plague

5. The man dying due to ………………….
(A) vermin
(B) black plague
(C) ill treatment
(D) Squalid living conditions

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