NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Gujarat State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

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NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Gujarat State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

  • PART -2
  • (Q. Nos. 51 to 100)
  • Max. Marks : 50
  • State : Gujarat

(Q.51-55) Fill in the blanks with proper forms of verbs.
Blandford started_(51)_ towards her. But then he_(52)_ She _(53)____ a rose. As he moved. She _(54)_ sweetly,“_(55)___ my way, soldier?” She murmured.

51. (A) Walk (B) Walked (C) Walks (D) Walking
52. (A) notice (B) notices (C) noticed (D) noticing
53. (A) does not have (B) did not had (C) did not have (D) will not have
54. (A) smiled (B) smiles (C) smile (D) smiling
55. (A) goes (B) going (C) go (D) went

(Q. 56 to 60) Fill in the blanks in the following passage with proper forms of words.
The (56) Lord was (57) busy that day. He was into his (58) day of overtime. When he was working with full (59) an angel (60) there.

56. (A) good (B) goodness (C) well (D) goodly
57. (A) extreme (B) extremely (C) extremity (D) extere
58. (A) six (B) sixth (C) sixes (D) sixteenth
59. (A) concentrate (B) concentrated (C) cocentratedly (D) concentration
60. (A) appears (B) appearance (C) appeared (D) appear

(Q.61 to 63) Fill in the blanks with proper preposition in the given passage.
I was looking out (61) her as the train drew (62) the station and I felt an unexpected thrill. I saw her walking

(63) The platform.
61. (A) of (B) for (C) in (D) into
62. (A) of (B) for (C) upon (D) into
63. (A) up (B) on (C) down (D) in 

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