NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Rajasthan State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

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NTSE Exam Papers : 2017 Rajasthan State (LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION TEST)

  • PART -3
  • (Q. Nos. 1 to 50)
  • Max. Marks : 50
  • State : Rajasthan

Directions (Q. Nos 1 - 5) :

Read the passage and answer the question given below it:

Of all the trees of southern Asia, the banyan is unique, not only for the manner of its growth, but for the area of shade it provides from the burning sun. Its close relationship with man has evolved over the years to make the banyan a popular meeting place, a focal point of worship and a source of practical materials for commerce. 

Known as the 'Strangler fig' because of its unusual manner of growth, the banyan is an epiphyte or air plant, that has its birth in the branches of a host tree and lives on airborne moisture and nutrients. Banyan seeds are deposited by birds, bats or monkeys in the rich soil collected in the crevices of host tree branches. As the banyan grows, it sends aerial roots down the trunk of the supporting  In time, the roots that reach the ground choke the host tree by preventing its trunk from enlarging. The two best known species of banyans are : the Indian, one of the world's largest tropical trees; and the Chinese, a smaller species with fewer aerial roots. 

1. The banyan tree is unique for 
(1) it grows in southern Asia
(2) it is a small tree 
(3) its growth is unusual and it gives shade for big area 
(4) its fruit is very big.

2.  The banyan tree is a focal point of worship for 
(1) birds 
(2) wild animals 
(3) nature 
(4) man. 

3.Owing to its unusual manner of growth, the banyan tree is called 
(1) a place of worship 
(2) a place of rest 
(3) a strangler fig 
(4) a tree of beauty. 

4. The two species of banyan trees are 
(1) the Indian and the Chinese
(2) the shady and the big 
(3) the aerial and the land 
(4) the host and the guest. 

5. The aerial roots ...................... the trunk of the host tree. 
(1) support 
(2) grow 
(3) choke 
(4) enlarge 

Choose the correct options to fill in the blanks : 

6. A doctor .................... the patients but God cures all. 
(1) treating 
(2) treated 
(3) treats 
(4) had treated. 

7. While .................... basketball Sunil was badly hit. 
(1) play 
(2) playing 
(3) played 
(4) had played.

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