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(Tips) Importance Of A Good Hand Writing in Board Exams

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Importance Of A Good Hand Writing in Board Exams

It is said that good handwriting; neat and readable; shows your personality. Wherever you go a person with good handwriting is preferred. Good handwriting always gives an upper hand to a student, but that doesn't mean that poor handwriting always costs. Actually what matters is writing neatly, make sure that examiner understands what you have written. During paper valuation this helps you in getting complete marks.

TIPSGood Hand Writing

1. Use Black pen to write title and subtitles.
2. Give diagrams wherever necessary.
3. Wherever possible use scale for drawing.
4. Underline the key words.
5. Always start a new question on a new page.
6. If there is any mistake don't make it look shabby by scratching it many times; just put a line over it.

JobsFollow the above points you’ll definitely earn 5 to 6 marks more than expected. more Tips and Tricks.

NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII