(Article) How To Score 90% and Above in CBSE Board English Paper

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(Article) How To Score 90% and Above in CBSE Board English Paper

Language papers have been widely publicized to be difficult to score at. However, with the exam pattern being the way it is, this no longer holds. Take English for example. Plenty of students over the years have scored 90% and above, taking their board scores to a notable high. In this article, we try to discuss the tricks and tips students can follow to score a 90% or above marks in their CBSE boards English paper.

#1 Improve Your Comprehension Skills

Many students struggle with reading passages for the first time and answering questions based on that passage in a stressful environment such as board exams. The key to it is practice. Do not leave comprehensions for the last minutes; try to get some practice in the weeks leading up to your exam.

You have probably been told a million times to read the passage first and then get to the question but in reality, it is the inverse that will help you more. Read the questions first; you need not understand anything yet. Now go back to the passage. You will now find yourself taking special note of words and phrases mentioned in the questions. This will improve your accuracy as well as speed.

#2 Perfect Your Grammar


Grammar is as instinctive as it is based on theoretical knowledge. Do not ignore either aspect. To improve your theory of grammar rules, ensure you revise each chapter at least thrice before the exam. And to improve your instincts, try and solve as many test papers as you can.

#3 Writing Is An Acquired Skill

You are not trying to win the Booker prize here; writing for your boards needs practice and sticking to the rules set out by the authorities. Keep your letter formats in mind and practice writing both informal and formal letters enough. For essays, pick out some common quotes you can use as an introduction and think of a few conclusion patterns you can modify and use in different places. Use the divide and conquer policy for articles, speeches, and debates by dividing them up into paragraphs and forming each paragraph separately.

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#4 Literature Is Your Friend

There are no unknown and unexpected aspects to literature and that is why you can be assured of scoring well in it. Read all chapters and concentrate more on character traits in proses and plot than trying to mug it all up line by line. For poetry, try and learn the poem as it helps to know the exact keywords when trying to answer questions based on them. Attempt the longer questions first and then move on to the smaller ones. Remember, reading a story is not enough; you need to practice solving questions based on it before you can truly get comfortable with this section.

#5 And Finally, Time Management Is Key

Any language paper is somewhat lengthy. English is no different. 

There are 3 sections namely reading, writing, and literature. 

Devote no more than 50 minutes to each section so that you are left with 30 minutes for revision. Revision is key to spotting silly mistakes that may otherwise cost you a lot of marks.

Final Words

Remember to keep your writeup clean, use proper spacing and use 2 different inks to create a pleasant reading experience for the examiner. 

English isn't rocket science. 

By following these simple tips even you can score a 90% upwards at it.



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