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Bihar Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers - Biology(Science)

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Exam Name :  Bihar Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers

Subject : Biology(Science)

Year : 2017



Choose the correct answer :- (1 marks each)
1.  In which of the following fertilization needs water medium-
(a) Angiosperms (b) Bryophytes (c) Gymnosperms (d) All
2-Select the odd one out with respect to haemophilia-
(a) X–linked dominant disorder (b) Bleedder’s disease
(c) Criss-cross inheritance (d) X-linked recessive disorder
3-Minimata disease is due to pollutant-
(a) SO2 (b) H2S (c) Mercury (d) Lead
4- Which of the following is the high-milk yielding variety of cow ?
(a) Dorset (b) Holstein (c) Pashmina (d) Nellore
5-Binary fission is found in-
(a) Amoeba (b) Paramoecium
(c) Water hyacinth (d) Amoeba and Paramoecium both
6- In the XX - XO type of sex determination-
(a) Females produce only one type of eggs (b) Females have only one X-chromosome
(c) Males have two X-chromosomes (d) Males are homogametic
7- A secondary pollutant is
(a) Aerosol (b) CO2 (c) PAN (d) CO
8- Taichung Native-1 is a variety of
(a) Wheat (b) Rice (c) Sugarcane (d) Maize
9- Fusion of gametes is called
(a) Pollination (b) Sugarcane (c) Parthenogenesis (d) Sporogenesis
10- Which of the following genotype will produce 4 different types of gametes ?
(a) AAbbccddEE (b) aaBbccdd (c) AaBbCC (d) Aabb
11-Who proposed the term ecosystem ?
(a) Odum (b) Tansley (c) Warming (d) Gardner
12- Method of producing thousands of plants through tissue culture is called
(a) Micropropagation (b) Somatic hybridization
(c) Somatic embryogenesis (d) Anther culture
13- Which of the following is called ‘Terror of Bengal’ ?
(a) Bryophyllum (b) Water hyacinth (c) Agave (d) Banana
14- Holandric genes are found on
(a) X-chromosome (b) Y-chromosome
(c) Sex chromosome or autosome (d) Autosome

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