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What Did the Singular Tell the Plural? You would certainly listen to many stories after putting this question to your students. Each student will narrate a story that would be unique and creative in its own manner. To give a platform to exploration of imagination and to all such creative students of CBSE schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education announces the first CBSE Storytelling Competition for the students of classes 3rd to 12th of all CBSE affiliated schools. This competition broadly aims at:

i) promoting creativity among students,

ii) promoting thinking skills

iii) enhancing analysis and evaluation skills and

iv) developing communication skills.

The details of the conduct of Storytelling Competition are as follows:

1. Category of Participation:

i. Primary - Class 3 to 5 
ii Middle - Class 6 to 8
iii Secondary - Class 9 to 10
iv. Sr. Secondary - Class 11 to 12

2 Topics:

Topics are attached as Annexure I. Same topics shall be used for the school -level and Regional –level competitions.

3. Participation:

3.1. Levels:

3.1.1 School Level: Schools will conduct Storytelling Competition, on their own, from 18th to 23rd November, 2019, for all the four categories and select one best entry in each category to participate at Regional Level.

Regional Level:

  • The Regional Level Competition will be conducted digitally, from 24th to 30th November, 2019, through the CBSE Storytelling App, as per the guidelines given in the Annexure-II.
  • The schools shall upload the best entry from each category i.e. a maximum of 4 best entries per school. Parental consent for uploading the story on CBSE App, and subsequently on DIKSHA and CBSE website, may be taken before starting this process for each child. It may  be noted that if this is hosted on public domain, the face of the child will be masked to protect the identity of the child. Each best entry of the school level will get an online participation certificate after successful submission of videos through CBSE Storytelling App.
  • In case schools put more than 4 entries, none of the entries will be taken up for judgement.
  • At the Regional Level, 1 best story of each category will be selected from each CBSE Region. (The number of best entries may vary depending upon the quality of entries as decided by the judges).

National Level:

  • The National Level Competition will be held live in Delhi/ NCR on 19th – 20th December, 2019. Venue will be notified later.
  • Topics for the National Level Competition shall be announced simultaneously with the declaration of result of Regional Level. Schools / participants shall make their own arrangements for travel and stay, if required.
  • 03 best stories of each category will be selected and awarded a Medallion and a Merit Certificate. (The number of best entries may vary depending upon the quality of entries as decided by the judges). 


After conducting the school-level competition and selecting one best entry from each category, the schools shall register the student giving the best entry. The registration will be done through the CBSE Storytelling web-portal to be made available at Registration will be open from 24th to 30th November, 2019. 

Registration Fee:

Rs. 1000/- per school which they can pay during the process of registration. Fees are accepted only through Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Online Payment at the time of registration. Fee once paid shall not be refundable. Kindly see the details as given in the Annexure II.


Uploading of Storytelling Videos by schools for Regional Level shall be open from 24th to 30th November, 2019. Schools can upload the videos of their students using an android phone only through CBSE Storytelling App available at Google Playstore. For guidelines of the process of submission through the App, please see Annexure-I

4. Duration of Video –

  • Primary - upto 2 min.
  • Middle - 2-3 mins
  • Secondary - 3-4 mins.
  • Sr. Secondary - 3-4 mins

5. Assessment Criteria will be creativity, fluency, content delivery, coherence and expressions.

6. Prizes:

  • At the Regional Level, each winner will get a Merit Certificate.
  • At National Level, each winner will get a Medallion and a Merit Certificate.

7. Participation in this Competition can be credited to the Portfolio as part of the internal assessment.

8. The decision/ result given by the judges shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

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