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(Papers) CISCE : Download Class X Exam Papers-2017 (Business Studies)

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(Papers) CISCE : Download Class X Exam Papers-2017 (Business Studies)

Business Studies :

  • Subject : Business Studies
  • Year : 2017
  • Duration : 3 Hour

Instructions :

  1. Answer Question 1 from Part I (compulsory) and five questions from Part II.
  2. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. 

Question 1
Answer briefly each of the questions (i) to (xv). [15x2]

(i) What are the benefits of Campus recruitment?
(ii) State any two hindrances to staff training.
(iii) List any two conditions where time-rate system of wage payment is most suitable.
(iv) Enumerate any four human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy.
(v) Give any two differences between leadership and management.
(vi) How does performance appraisal differ from potential appraisal?
(vii) State any two conditions where demotion can be justified.
(viii) Explain any one distinction between suspension and termination with
reference to staff dismissal.
(ix) Explain the two types of external communication.
(x) List the components of a communication process.
(xi) What are routine reports? Give any two examples of the same.
(xii) Explain clear days notice with regard to company meetings.
(xiii) List any four types of diagrams and graphs used in visual communication.
(xiv) What are derivative tables? Why are they called so?
(xv) With reference to post office services, write the expanded forms of:

  • (a) R M S
  • (b) T M O

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII