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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Social Science)

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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Social Science)

  • Subject : Social Science
  • Time allowed : 3 hours
  • Maximum Marks : 80


1. Which of the following revolutions is called as the first expression of ‘Nationalism’? 1
A. French Revolution
B. Russian Revolution
C. Glorious Revolution
D. The Revolution of the liberals

2. Why was the Inland Emigration Act of 1859 troublesome for plantation workers? 

3. Why was the Vernacular Press Act passed in 1878? 1
 Why was ‘Gulamgiri’ book written by Jyotiba Phule in 1871? 1

4. Define the term ‘Veto.’ 1
 Define the term ‘Carding.’ 1

5. Fill in the blank.

Buddhist missionaries from China introduced hand-printing technology into ______ around A.D. 768-770. 1
By 1448, Gutenberg perfected the system of printing. The first book he printed was the _______. 1

6. Why was reading of manuscript not easy in India? Choose the appropriate reason from the following options : 1
A. Manuscripts were highly cheap.
B. Manuscripts were widely spread out.
C. Manuscripts were written in English and Hindi.
D. Manuscripts were fragile.

7. Who were called ‘Chapmen’? 1
A. Book seller
B. Paper seller
C. Workers of printing press
D. Seller of ‘penny chap books’ 


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII