(Download) CBSE Class-10 Compartment Paper 2021-22 : Computer Applications

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Compartment Paper 2021-22 : Computer Applications

  • Class- X : Computer Applications

  • Compartment Question Paper 2021-22

  • Max. Marks: 50

  • Duration: 60 Min



This section consist of 13 questions of Very Short Answer Type. Question nos. 9 to 13 are of ‘fill in the blank’ type. Fill the blank with the most appropriate answer. Attempt any 10 questions from Questions nos, 1 to 13.

1.    Write the name of any two attributes of <Font> tag.
2.    Ms. Nidhi is designing a webpage for her primary section. She wants that the written text should appear in while colour on blue colour background of the webpage. Suggest her suitable tag and attribute for the same.
3.    Mention any two accepted values of type attribute of <UL> tag.
4.    Name the HTML tag to display the text in the given format: H2O
5.    Name any two attributes of <IMG> tag.
6.    Which tag is used to define the title of a web document?
7.    What is the extension of HTML document?
8.    The <bold> tag of HTML specifies bold text on a webpage. Is this statement true or false?
9.    The                        tag inserts a single line break.
10.                                Attribute of <A> tag is used to redirect the user to an email address instead of a link.
11.    HTML headings are defined with the <h1> to                   tags.
12.    <DL> stands for                              .
13.    In ordered list, by default the list items will be marked with                                          .


The Interned is the global network of computing devices including desktop, laptop, servers, tablets, mobile phones, other handheld devices, printers, scanners, routers, switches, gateways, etc. Computers are either connected to a modem through a cable or wireless (Wi-Fi). That modem, be it wired or wireless, is connected to a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) who then connects to a national network. Many such ISPs connect together forming a regional network and regional networks connect together forming a national network, and such country-wise networks form the Internet backbone.
(i)    The term ‘Network of Networks’ is associated with
(a)    Bignet
(b)    Internet
(c)    Webnet
(d)    Globalnet
(ii)    The Internet is
(a)    World Wide Web
(b)    Collection of numerous computes spread across the world
(c)    National network
(d)    Both (A) and (B)
(iii)    A web browser is a
(a)    Software program required to view www documents
(b)    Hardware tool required to view www documents
(c)    Software program required to connect to the MODEM
(d)    Hardware tool required to connect the MODEM
(iv)    The role of ISP is
(a)    To make sure that you can access the internet 
(b)    To manage www
(c)    To get website designed as per your requirement
(d)    All of the above
(v)    A MODEM is a 
(a)    Software
(b)    Hardware
(c)    Network
(d)    Web
(vi)    The service provided by the Internet is 
(a)    Email
(b)    Instant massaging
(c)    Shopping
(d)    All of the above
(vii)    The basic requirements for connecting to the Internet are
(a)    Computing Device and Networking Device like MODEM
(b)    Connection through ISP
(c)    Only (A)
(d)    Both (A) and (B)
15. Web Services:
Any Service that can be offered and availed electronically through World Wide Web, is know as Web Service. The popular electronic mediums that we are using are telephone, call center services, mobile phone, television or Internet. The rise in the usage of smartphones has ensured the maximization of availing facilities and services using Internet. The Internet has played a significant role in revolutionizing web services.
(i)    The example(s) of web service(s) is/are
(a)    Chat
(b)    E-mail
(c)    Video conferencing 
(d)    All of the above
(ii)    ‘e’ in ‘e-Learning’ stands for
(a)    Electrical
(b)    Electronic
(c)    Easy
(d)    Everywhere
(iii)    One of the major disadvantages of e-Learning is
(a)    It’s vary costly
(b)    It’s only available at certain hours of the day
(c)    E-Learning lacks face-to-face communication
(d)    It’s not time efficient
(iv)    DigiLocker facility comes under
(a)    E-Banking
(b)    E-Governance
(c)    E-Shopping
(d)    E-Reservation
(v)    The advantage(s) of e-Governance is/are
(a)    Transparency
(b)    Speedy services
(c)    Cost saving
(d)    All of the above
(vi)    Pick the odd one out:
(a)    Amazon
(b)    Flipkart
(c)    Instagram
(d)    Snapdeal 
(vii)    https://www.irctc.co.in is related to
(a)    E-Learning
(b)    E-Reservation
(c)    E-Banking
(d)    All of the above


All questions are compulsory. In case of internal choices, attempt any one.

16.    Ms. Sharda, a class X student, has just started software on her newly purchased PC. She is confused on how does software licensing work. Help her by explaining it briefly.

17.    Discuss briefly the purpose of SMTP and POP3.

18.    Som, a website designer, is designing a webpage to spread awareness against COVID-19. He needs to embed a video in the webpage to make the content of the webpage more interesting. Is it possible to embed a video in the webpage? If yes, then give the HTML code for the same.

19.    Vikram is designing a website for his school’s upcoming sports day function. While linking various pages of the website, he wants that all the hyperlinked text should appear in red colour. Help him by suggesting suitable tag and attribute along with sample HTML code for the same.

20.    Explain the term digital property rights briefly.


          What are the most common types of e-commerce frauds? Discuss briefly.

21.    Discuss the significances of background-colour property of Cascading style sheets with the help of suitable HTML code.

22.    What is the purpose of HTML forms? Write the HTML code to create a text box in the HTML form.

23.    What do you understand by the term secure data transmission? Mention any two main points to ensure secure data transmission in e-commerce.

24.    Which software will be called open-source software? Mention any two popular open-source software.

25.    How is SMS different from MMS? Explain.


         What is a search engine? Discuss its role in WWW.

26.    Sahil, a class X Student, needs to design a webpage as shown below, to create an image gallery of last three Presidents of India along with some basic information, as a part of his Social Science project:

Write the HTML code to design the above shown webpage considering the specifications as given below:

  • •    Arrange the content of the webpage in table form, in which the heading should be spread in the first row, three images should be in placed in three separate cells of the third row.
  • •    All the text should be centre aligned.
  • •    Text ‘LAST THREE PRESIDENTS OF INDIA” should be in main heading form (first level of heading).


Discuss the significance of table tag of HTML briefly. Name the attributes  to merge three cells horizontally in the same row as a single cell. Also give suitable HTML code to achieve the same. 


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