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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper (Elements of Business)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper (Elements of Business)

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks: 90

1. McDonalds is an example of:

a) Mail order house
b) General store
c) Multiple shop
d) Junk dealer shop 1

2. Wholesale trade means:

a) Buying & selling of goods in small quantity
b) Buying & selling of goods in large quantity
c) Exporting goods & services
d) Importing goods & services 1

3. Vending Machines are suitable for:

a) Pre-packed brands of low priced products
b) Pre-packed brands of high priced products
c) Heavy goods
d) Refrigerators & televisions 1

4. Mail Order Business is suitable for:

a) Books
b) Fruits
c) Heavy goods
d) Refrigerators & televisions 1

5. Departmental Stores are located in:

a) Union Territories and Special Economic Zones
b) Residential areas
c) Central market
d) Metropolitan cities only 1

6. “Free toothbrush with 500 grams pack of Toothpaste” is an example of:

a) Premium offer
b) Discount
c) Rebate
d) Lucky draw

7. “ ` 5 off on purchase of 250 Grams pack of Tea ” is an example of

a) Discount
b) Price-off offer
c) Rebate
d) Premium offer 1

8. Which of the following is the best mode of purchase for buying goods in bulk:

a) Purchase by sample
b) Purchase by inspection
c) Purchase by description
d) Purchase from the nearest dealer 1

9. Which of the following is not a method of sale:

a) Sale under installment system
b) Sale on credit basis
c) Sale on hire purchase basis
d) Sale on cash basis 1

10. Which of the following factors should not be considered by a buyer before purchase:

a) Price affordability
b) Identification of other buyers
c) Attributes of the goods
d) Attributes of the commodity possessed by the neighbour 1

11. The document that inform the buyer that his/her account has been credited with a particular amount is called:

a) Credit note
b) Debit note
c) Invoice
d) Account sales 1

12. The sale under which the goods are delivered to buyer on payment with the understanding that the buyer can return the goods to the seller and claim refund within a specified period is called:

a) Auction sale
b) Wash sale
c) Sale through tender
d) Sale on approval basis 1

13. Which of the following is not a type of Non-store retailing:

a) Mail order business
b) Multiple shops
c) Tele-shopping
d) Selling through internet 1

14. Which of the following is not a feature of Advertising:

a) Sponsor is always identified
b) Communicated through some media
c) Personal presentation of message
d) Paid form of communication 1

15. Which of the following is not a print media of Advertising:

a) Internet
b) Newspapers
c) Posters
d) Magazines 1

16. Which of the following is a tool of Sales Promotion:

a) Free Samples
b) Advertising
c) Publicity
d) Personal Selling

17. What is meant by purchase? 3

18. Describe briefly any three methods of sale. 3

19. What is meant by ‘Debit Note’? 3

20. Give any three points of distinction between ‘Deferred Installment Method’ and ‘Hire Purchase Method’ of Purchase. 3

21. State any three characteristics of ‘Departmental Stores’. 3

22. What is meant by Tele-shopping? State any two advantages of Tele-shopping. 3

23. What is meant by advertising? List any two modes of electronic media of advertising. 3

24. Briefly explain newspapers as a media of advertising. \

25. State any three limitations of Magazines as a media of advertising.

26. Briefly describe the suitability of Television as a media of advertising. 3

27. Briefly explain: (a) Purchase by sample, and (b) Purchase by inspection. 4

28. ‘Deferred payment can be installment payment or full payment at the end of the agreed payment period.’ Describe. 4

29. ‘Inspite of many advantages multiple shops suffer from some limitations.’ In the light of this statement, briefly explain the limitations of multiple shops.

30. State any four characteristics of large scale retail trade. 4

31. State the importance of personal selling to the consumers. 4

32. Explain ‘Exchange Scheme’ and ‘Coupons’ as tools of “Sales Promotion”. 4

33. State the steps of the Selling procedure. 5

34. ‘It is a large scale retail shop where a large variety of goods are sold in a single building.’ Identify the form of retail trade indicated in this statement and explain its advantages. 5

35. Can all varieties of goods be purchased through mail? State the qualities that should be possessed by goods to be traded through mail.

36. ‘Advertising consists of all activities involved in presenting a sponsored messageregarding a product, service or an idea.’ In the light of this statement, explain the features of advertising.

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