(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper 2015-16 : Foundation of Information Technology

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper 2015-16 : Foundation of Information Technology

CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper 2015-16 : Foundation of Information Technology

Foundation of Information Technology
Sample Question Paper II
Summative Assessment - Term II
(Code No: 165)
Class X

Max Time: 3 hours

Max Marks: 90


Q1) Fill in the blanks: [10]

i) TR tag can only be inside ______________ tag.
ii) _______________ are used to connect web pages.
iii) The default alignment of an image is ________ .
iv) __________ is used to change the visited link colour.
v) ____________ tag can only be present inside <TR> tag.
vi) Any crime committed using computers and internet is termed as cyber crime.
vii) Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on a user’s computer and collects information about users without their consent and knowledge.
viii)A cracker is a technical person who breaks through the system’s security with malicious intentions.
ix) You need a text editor to create and edit an XML document.
x) ___________ is copying data files to disk or some other storage device to provide a copy of them.

Q2) State True or False: [10]

i) The HTML tag for inline image is <img>.
ii) Internal linking links two different sections of same document.
iii) Cellspacing gives amount of space between the cell border and the cell contents.
iv) A table’s background colour can be specified using backgroundcolor attribute.
v) <TD> is a container tag.
vi) A valid XML document is one that is well-formed and which confirms to the DTD schema.
vii) Physical structure refers to different parts of a document i.e. how a document is built.

viii)Xml is Extended MarkupLanguage
ix) A worm is a program designed to replicate.
x) A hacker is a malicious programmer who break into secure systems.

Q3) Short Answer Questions –
i. What does an anti-virus software do? [2]
ii. Write two advantages of online backup. [2]
iii. Write the HTML code to display an inline image named pencil.jpg located at
c:\ in the center of your web page. [2]
iv. Write the full forms of: [2]
a) <HR> ii) <A> iii) <img> iv) <P>
v. Write the html code to send an email at abc@xyz.com through your web page. [2]
vi. Name the attributes of <A> tag which are used for internal linking in a web page. [2]

Q4) Short Answer Questions –
i. Draw the XML tree for the code given below: [5]
<book category="CHILDREN">
<title>Harry Potter</title>
<author>J K. Rowling</author>
<book category="WEB">
<title>Learning XML</title>
<author>Erik T. Ray</author>
ii. Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it : [5]


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