(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper Hindustani Music (Vocal)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper  Hindustani Music (Vocal)

Time allowed: 02 hours

Maximum Marks: 15


  • Attempt all questions.

1. Describe the origin of Dhrupad.

2. Define any two of the following:
Meend, Khatka, Murki.

3. Give brief life sketch of any one of the following along with their contribution to Hindustani Music:
Tansen, Sadarang

4. Describe Raga Durga and elaborate upto 50 Swras.


Write a Drut Khayal in notation along with 2 tanas from any of the prescribed Ragas.

5. Describe Sultala and write with Dugun in Tala-notation system.

6. Choose the correct option:

(a) Which of the following belongs to ‘Agra Gharana’:
i. Tansen
ii. Faiyaz Khan
iii. Sadarang
iv. Bhatkhande

(b) Sultala has khali on which beat?
i. 1st Beat
ii. 2nd Beat
iii. 3rd Beat
iv. 4th Beat

(c) Raga Des belongs to which Jati?
i. Audav – Shadav
ii. Audav – Sampurna
iii. Shadav – Sampurna
iv. Shadav – Shadav

(d) Slight touch of another note on the Main note is known as:
(i) Kan
(ii) Khatka
(iii) Murki
(iv) Gamak


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