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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2020-21 :(Painting Theory)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2020-21 :

(Painting Theory)

(Painting Theory) (Code No. -049) Class X
      Sample Question Paper (2020-21)

Time allowed: 2 hours                                                                           Maximum Marks :30

Section : First

Instructions: Which of the following statements are correct.:                                       1x6
All questions are compulsory  

a) 1.  The secondary colours are red, yellow and green

    2.  The secondary colours are yellow, blue and red

    3.  The secondary colours are orange, violet and green

    4.  The secondary colours are green, orange and blue

b) 1.    Darkness of colour is called Tone

    2.    Lightness of colour is called Tone

    3.    Darkness and lightness of colour is called Tone

    4.    Intensity of colour is called Tone

c) 1.  Unity, harmony, balance and rhythm are principles of art

    2.  Unity, harmony, balance and Texture are principles of art

    3.  Unity, harmony, balance and Form are principles of art

    4.  Unity, harmony, balance and Space are principles of art

d) 1.  A  Pyramid  has  Three Sides

    2.  A  Pyramid  has  Four Sides

    3.  A Pyramid has Five Sides

    4.  A Pyramid has Six Sides

e) 1.  Brown Stands for ‘B’ in VIBGYOR

    2.  Beige stands for ‘B’ in VIBGYOR

    3.  Blue stands for ‘B’ in VIBGYOR

    4.  Black stands for ‘B’ in VIBGYOR

Section : Second                                                                                                          2x3

General Instructions :  Answer any three of the following questions                        

a.  Name any four materials of Painting and mention their merits?

b.   Write down the colours in VIBGYOR?

c.    Which types of pencils are used in drawing and shading?

d.  What is the difference between the water colours and the poster colours?

Section : Third                                                                                                           3x2

General Instructions : It is compulsory to answer both questions.                              

a.  In a  still  life,  what   are  the  elements   and  principles   which   needs   to be taken care of?
b.  Name any three surfaces   for   Paintings?   Which   surface   would   you  prefer  and why?

Section : Fourth                                                                                                     5x1

Answer any One Question:                                                                                            

a.  On the basis of the Fundamentals  of Painting, evaluate the world-renowned painting from Ajanta ‘Padmapani-Bodhisattava’ or  the ‘Ashokan Lion Capital’ from Mauryan Period ?
b.  Mention the names of any four ‘Elements’ and any four ‘Principles’ of Painting?

Section : Fifth                                                                                                         7x1

1.  Write a short essay on any one of the following:               

Kailashnatha  Temple
Ashokan Lion Capital



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