(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper (Science) 2016

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper (Science) 2016

VSA: (1 marks each)

1. State one reason for placing Mg and Ca in the same group of the periodic table 1
2. State two roles of testes in male reproductive system 1
3. Why is re-use of materials better than recycling in saving the environment? 1

SA: (2 marks each)

1. What is a homologous series? Write the name and draw the structure of the second member of the alkene series. 2
2. Give one example of eacha)
a) Metal having valency 2.
b) Non metal having valency 2.
c) Element with completely filled outermost shell.
d) d) Element with three shells, having 4 electrons in the outermost shell.
3. To protect the food plants from insects, an insecticide was sprayed in small amounts but it was detected in high concentration in human beings. How did it happen? 2

 SA: II (3 marks each)

1. How do the following traits change in a period from left to right in the periodic table –
a) Atomic size
b) Valency
c) Metallic character.
2. What are isomers? Draw all possible isomers of C4 H10 and name them 3
3. Two elements ‗X‘ and ‗Y‘ belong to the second group of the periodic table. ‗X‘ has 2 shells and ‗Y‘ has 3 shells in it –
a) Which of these is more metallic in nature and why?
b) What is the formula of the chloride of ‗X‘ and sulphide of ‗Y‘?
c) Is the valency of ‗X‘ same as that of ‗Y‘ or different? Why?
4. a) Why do we see different variety of organisms around us?
b) In which type of reproduction –
i) Off springs are identical?
ii) Exact similar offspring‘s are not produced?
5. How do species of two isolated subpopulations become two different species? 3
6. Define –
a) Spore formation
b) Regeneration
c) Multiple fission
7. ―Variation is useful for the survival of species overtime but the variants have unequal chances of survival.''
Explain the statement.
8. What is ‗Placenta‘? State its function in human female. 3
9. a) State the law of refraction of light that defines the refractive index of one medium with respect to the other.
b) Express it mathematically also.
c) Write the expression relating the refractive index of medium ‗A‘ with respect to the medium ‗B‘ to the speed of light in the two media ‗A‘ & ‗B‘. Name the constant when medium ‗B‘ is vacuum.
10. Why does the sky appear blue to an observer from the surface of earth? What will be the colour of the sky for an astronaut in a apace station? Give reason for your answer. 3
11. Name the device (type of lens / mirror) used in the following cases and draw ray diagrams to show the image formation in each case –
a) Object is placed between the device and its focus, the enlarged image is formed behind it
b) The object is placed between infinity and the device, the image is formed behind the device between its pole and focus.
11. An object of height 2 cm is placed at a distance of 30 cm from a convex lens of focal length 10 cm. Find the position, nature and height of the objec 3


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