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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2019-20 : (Science)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2019-20 :


Sample Question Paper 2019-20

TIME: 3 Hrs
M.M.: 80

General Instructions:

1. The question paper comprises three sections – A, B and C. Attempt all the sections.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Internal choice is given in each section.
4. All questions in Section A are one-mark questions comprising MCQ, VSA type and assertion-reason type questions. They are to be answered in one word or in one sentence.
5. All questions in Section B are three-mark, short-answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 50 - 60 words each.
6. All questions in Section C are five-mark, long-answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 80 – 90 words each.
7. This question paper consists of a total of 30 questions.


1 Define catenation. 
2 How does valency of an element vary across a period? 
3 Answer question numbers 3(a) - 3(d) on the basis of your understanding of the following paragraph and the related studied concepts.
Renewable energy sources such as wind energy are vital for the Indian economy, not only from the point of view of supply, but also from the perspective of environmental and social benefits. India is the world’s fifth largest wind-power producer and the largest windmill facilities in India are installed in Tamil Nadu. Muppandal is a small village of Tamil Nadu and one of the most important sites of wind-farm in the state. It uses wind from the Arabian Sea to produce renewable energy. The suitability of Muppandal as a site for wind farms stems from its geographical location as it has access to the seasonal monsoon winds.


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII