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​CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18 : Languages- Spanish

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CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18


Subject: ​CBSE Class-11 & Class-12 Syllabus 2017-18 : Spanish

SPANISH (Code: 196)


The following learning objectives apply for classes XI and XII.

General Objectives: The general objective of this course is to enable the learner at the end of class XII to acquire the corresponding knowledge of Spanish that will allow him/her to communicate fluently in daily activities of complex nature and deal with problems encountered in everyday life. At this stage, the teacher should not only value the efficiency of the communication but also the production of perfect construction of the message.

It is important that the students continue acquiring the linguistic knowledge (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and socio-cultural information) imparted and learnt in Class IX and X and strengthen the systematic knowledge of the language. The aim is to develop further the acquired skills to communicate at an advance level and to apply such knowledge in oral expression and interaction through practical exercises. The learner is expected to respond in Spanish to verbal and visual stimuli as well as written registry by producing simple and coherent texts on themes that are familiar or are of their personal interest. It should be ensured that the learning of the language component is closely associated with the learning of the cultural component of the Hispanic areas.

Value-based didactic exercises may be incorporated into teaching-learning process.

Specific Objectives: It is expected that at the end of Class XII, the learner shall acquire the following knowledge in Spanish through communicative approach (with an emphasis on using Spanish as the sole medium of instruction in class) that will allow the learner to:

Reading comprehension:

•    comprehend the major points of Spanish texts (literary and non-literary) in standard language; and

•    interpret efficiently written texts to negotiate meanings and answer the questions based on the


Written expression:

•    produce short written messages; and

•    write guided essays and informal letters, reports, e-mails, blogs, advertisements, etc.

Aural comprehension & oral expression:

•    understand audio recordings/tv shows/movies and give opinion about it, discussing with classmates;

•    produce basic oral messages in order to express basic needs;

•    describe verbally experiences, happenings, desires and aspirations;

•    argue superficially about a given topic and express reasons and discuss issues; and

•    perform role-plays and dialogues with classmates.

Socio-cultural understanding:

•    have better understanding of Hispanic cultures through shorter narrative texts/poems selected from Spanish and Latin-American Literature; and

•    acquire basic knowledge about some specific issues of Hispanic geography, history and art.


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