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(Download) CBSE: Class XII Biology Question Paper - 2018

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Question Papers For Board Examinations 2018

Class – XII

Subject – Biology

Subject :- Biology

Class : XII

Year : 2018

General Instructions :
(i) There are a total of 26 questions and five sections in the question paper.All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Section A contains questions number 1 to 5, very short-answer type questions of 1 mark each.
(iii) Section B contains questions number 6 to 10, short-answer type I questions of 2 marks each.
(iv) Section C contains questions number 11 to 22, short-answer type II questions of 3 marks each.
(v) Section D contains question number 23, value based question of 4 marks. 
(vi) Section E contains questions number 24 to 26, long-answer type questions of 5 marks each.
(vii) There is no overall choice in the question paper, however, an internal choice is provided in one question of 2 marks, one question of 3 marks and all the three questions of 5 marks. In these questions, an examinee is to attempt any one of the two given alternatives.

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII