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(Download) CBSE: Class XII Marketing Question Paper - 2019

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Question Papers For Board Examinations 2019

Class – XII

Subject – Marketing

Subject :- Marketing

Class : XII

Year : 2019

General Instructions :

(i) This question paper contains 33 questions out of which the candidate needs to attempt only 25 questions.
(ii) Question paper is divided into two sections. 


  • Multiple choice questions / Fill in the blanks/Direct questions : contains total 12 questions of 1 mark each. Answer any 10 questions.
  • Very short answer type questions : contains total 7 questions of 2 marks each. Answer any 5 questions.
  • Short answer type questions : contains total 7 questions of 3 marks each. Answer any 5 questions.


  • Long answer / Essay type questions : contains total 7 questions of 5 marks each. Answer any 5 questions.

Questions :

Answer any ten of the following questions :

1. Furniture, T.V. sets, Refrigerators are the examples of the following type of goods :
(a) Shopping
(b) Speciality
(c) Convenience
(d) Industrial

2. Office equipment falls under this category of products :
(a) Consumer
(b) Industrial
(c) Speciality
(d) Convenience

3. Out of the following, this will be suitable for packaging oil :
(a) Wooden Box
(b) Cardboard box
(c) Sack
(d) Bottle

4.The policy of charging very high price in the initial stages of the life of a product is called
(a) Skimming-the-Cream Price Policy
(b) Penetrating Price Policy
(c) Follow-the-Leader Price Policy
(d) Non-competitive Price Policy

5. This one of the following is not an objective of pricing :
(a) To achieve target rate of return on invested capital
(b) To face competition
(c) To reduce the cost of raising capital
(d) To maintain or improve share of the market

6.It is a large scale retail establishment where customers can buy almost all their requirements under one roof :
(a) Multiple shop
(b) Departmental store
(c) Convenience store
(d) General store

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII